Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Day Nineteen

...setting myself up for disappointment?
I'm ever the optimist!


  1. Perhaps you need to stand under it with your a tray containing some of your baking. A kiss for a cake!

  2. Maybe, if you are hoping to catch George Clooney or Daniel Craig, but I'm sure someone will oblige!

  3. Lovely tradition......I hope you get lots of kisses this christmas.

  4. Gina, the mistletoe is lovely...we hardly ever see it over here in the city, even in fancy florist shops.

    I also like your punched gift tags. My own newest punch, a scalloped edged circle, has been getting lots of use in the past weeks. It's a very versatile shape!


  5. Beautiful, hope you get plenty of use out of it :-)

  6. What!!?? With all those men in the house? Surely there's a queue?


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