Friday, 7 November 2008

Grime and Dirt

Kitchen Poetry :: Five

Just for Monkee Maker who wanted to see the grime and dirt in my kitchen. This first photo was meant for day two but the greasy splashes up the tiles were horrendous. I cleaned the tiles and took another photo but it was still disgusting. I cleaned them again and this is the third photo. It is still not clean but in reducing the size of the picture for blogger I've also reduced the size of the splashes!

But more obvious dirt can be seen on this little plaque on a cupboard door - meant for day three. This is the original photo complete with clumps of dust on her hair... because I don't do housework...

But I do bake cakes...

A coconut and cherry cake for our village over sixties club yesterday.


  1. hi Gina .. not sure i'm convinced by your grime habit!x

  2. makes me think of myself, who runs around cleaning like mad AFTER the unexpected guest calls, just because I'm suddenly aware of the state of the place and am soooo embarassed :D

  3. ps but I don't bake!

    (must remedy, must remedy)

  4. Filth, pure filth ;-)

    If that's as bad as it gets I don't think you've got much to worry about!

  5. I do find it difficult to fit cleaning in now around stitching, painting and blogging!
    Trouble is I make a dreadful mess when I'm in that creative zone!

  6. Gina you don't know the meaning of the word grime.
    I can give a masterclass.
    (Do you still want something from my house?)

  7. a girl after my own heart - i don't do housework either and i do bake sometimes!!!


  8. You call that grease and grime? Pah! I'll see your grease and grime and raise you on more! :-p

    Fab looking cake. x

  9. I'm with Kitty! :) But I'm pleased to see the dust - I had to enlarge it for more enjoyment!

    I'm with Helen too. Some friend called round unexpectedly on Wednesday eve and I had to clear 3 seats so they could sit down! All my stuff of course, laptop, books, sewing........

    I don't bake either :(

  10. Love this weeks Kitchen Poetry (I couldn't join in because the camera's gone on holiday to Spain!)

    Those splashes are a sign of one who bakes lots of yummy cakes and has far more important things to do than scrub the kitchen walls!

    Keep up the good work Gina!


  11. Rubbish grease and grime Gina (I couldn't even see it)!!!! Lovely cake though! Lucy x

  12. Caaaaake! Who'd bother to look at dust or grime with that about? Not that I can see any.

  13. What a lovely cake...and we all have those bits in our kitchen where one thinks, "How did THAT get THERE?"

  14. Nice try, but if that's your idea of grime and dirt you're just going to have to pay me a visit to see the real thing!!!



  15. I couldn't see the grease and grime in your photo so i wouldn't worry about it, and i don't like housework either. But your cake looks delicious. I do bake but Em's allergy has made it necessary now, i just need to find the fun again. Jane x

  16. All I see is cake. You can't be a baker without a little mess - that's the creative process!

  17. Dust? Grime? If you say so...

    (do you believe in the Tooth Fairy too?)

  18. Gina ~ as you know 'dull women have spotless homes' and baby you ain't dull.
    That did'nt come across well...did it? You know what I mean and you know I think you are a wonder of a woman !

  19. I don't think your kitchen is grimy at all! And that delicious cake more than makes up for any supposed are a wonderful cook. And sure the over sixties club loved it!

  20. Dammit, that always happens .... someone has always said what I want to say by the time I get round to saying it (must try harder to comment quicker!) .... but I'll say it anyway ....




    ps. What a brilliant idea to donate that scrumptious looking cake to your village club - even if you'd have no change of joining said club for at least 15/20 years .... always good to get your foot in the door early ....


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