Thursday, 13 November 2008


More lovely wiggly bags in great fabrics today - this time from Julie. Thank you so much!

Thank you too for this little added present for me - some fabrics and lace, including some of Julie's shibori dyed fabric, which was very much appreciated . I love the stripey looking one!

Which reminds me of another gift I forgot to mention... Maria sent this little plaque for me yesterday with her package of wiggly bags. Thank you Maria!

As for me... I should have spent yesterday and this morning on my latest degree assignment which is all about language, looking at a piece of textile that expresses a particular idea or meaning... but my mind is a complete blank and so to distract myself I've been making Christmas decorations. Featured in the December Good Housekeeping magazine... Christmas fairies made from dolly pegs.

The instructions can be found here. All in the interest of research of course, for my next Young Embroiderer's meeting.

But this afternoon I really must get back to my assignment because tomorrow I'm out all day for a very exciting blogging meet-up!


  1. Love the Fairies. Enjoy yourself tomorrow.

  2. I want to be a young embroiderer! (Still suffering from crow envy...) Hope you've had a great time at The Fair.

  3. Oh those angels are gorgeous! I've never actually had a pattern for making peg dolls so I'm off to bookmark it now!

    Can't wait for tomorrow. I was sitting at work this afternoon singing "I'm going to London!" in my head!!!!

    Lucy x

  4. Great angels.

    I'm so jealous of you all with your bloggy meet up.

    and also - how is it I've never noticed your website link before?? Wandering around blogland with my eyes closed, obviously! Those bodices are amazing. I absolutely adore the Anne Boleyn one. Stunning.


  5. i love your little fairies they are gorgeous!

    see you tomorrow!


  6. Aw, cute fairies, Gina!

    Have fun tomorrow :o)

    PS Thanks for voting for pointy shoes - I think they might be winning at the moment :o)

  7. I hop ethe assignment is well under way now. I love the peg angels.

  8. Assignment suggestions: Prairie Points (just for me ,eh?)/Whip Stitch/Drawn thread work/wedding dresses. I can think of plenty of ideas and meaning in any of them, and some choice language...

    Have you seen the bottle decorations in Cloth Paper Scissors?


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