Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Kitchen Poetry : : Three

I could see there being a danger of all my kitchen poetry pictures being of food... as especially some of the other snaps I've taken have been very cruel in showing up the splashes and grime lurking in corners of my kitchen! But I have found something else - sitting on a corner of the kitchen dresser is this basket of painted stones. Something I did probably about... twenty nine years ago (at least)? Such crafts were very trendy in the late 1970s!

Also today I've been teaching my City and Guilds class. At this early stage of a two year course there isn't often much to show as the students are getting to grips with design and new techniques, but Jann brought in two beautiful samples of textural stitch that I thought deserved to be shared. Keep up the good work Jann... and perhaps we can have some more to share from the rest of you soon?

Gorgeous colours!

On arriving home there was another lovely parcel of Wiggly Bags, this time from Dotty Cookie. Thank you so much Val, they are lovely... especially like the "Rocket" fabric.

By the way... the pumpkin bread tasted pretty good... had it for my sandwiches today! I've enough puree left to make another loaf but it occurred to me today that it might make good muffins... watch this space. Could be kitchen poetry number four!


  1. I just love seeing these samples of work your students create - just amazing!!

    Could you please send me the instructions for making the bags - I didn't think I'd have chance to make any so didn't ask but have just been signed off for a week so will hopefully have chance to knock one or two up if they're not too difficult. Thanks.

  2. those samples are lovely, such gorgeous work. i'd often thought of doing a course but when i see work like that i think i might not be up to scratch!!


  3. Yummy work from your students - they are very talented.

    Glad you like the rockets - I enjoyed the chance to buy fabric that was more 'boy' than 'girl' for once!

  4. Cute pebbles and beautiful stitching samples.

    I've bought the velcro for the wiggly bags so I just have to sit down and do them now.

  5. Those stone bunnies are so cute! and lovely samples from your students... well inspired indeed!

  6. WOW!! I LOVE THOSE STONES!! They are so beautiful!! I'm not really a fan of painted stones, but those, I love!! Glad your bread turned out well - good recipie! And yes, the pulp might be a good muffin ingredient! x

  7. I love your painted pebbles!!

    It's great to see your students' work and it must be wonderful for you to see their work develop throughout the course.


  8. I'm not surprised you don't have time to do housework what with all that lovely baking, teaching C&G classes and working for a degree - phew! Hope you enjoyed the meal your husband cooked for you. He looks as if he knows his way around the kitchen - lucky you. I couldn't see the grime you mention, it all looks pretty clean to me, but I am waiting for a cataract operation!!! That was mean. It really does look clean.

  9. You must be so proud of your students. I enjoy seeing samples of what they create.

    I smiled at your painted stones. Those were very popular here in the mid 80's. And pet rocks were too!


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