Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Parcels... and pigeons!

I knew that getting bloggers to make wiggly bags was a good idea - I keep getting parcels! Today these arrived from Wonderwoman. More fabulous wiggly bags in great fabrics. Thank you so much Maria.

As if a parcel from Maria wasn't exciting enough, an eagerly awaited parcel also arrived today from Charlie and Mr P... my prize in Charlie's giveaway... my very own pigeon! Here he is coming out of his box after his long journey.

A very handsome fellow!

Complete with his own very special passport and knitting pattern for a tank top. And a name label... but he hasn't got a name yet. I'm thinking of calling him Wilson (as in Wilson Pickett Peckett??) but I'm not sure. Any ideas or suggestions?

Charlie said he was looking forward to having cake when he came to our house so I thought I'd better get baking this afternoon and made a batch of cranberry flapjacks. Wilson got very excited and started to flap his wings...

And landed in the middle of the flapjacks! I don't want to have to put you back in your box Wilson... behave yourself!


  1. More cooking! How do you do it? I can't keep up with is, iv'e got to go and lie down.

  2. My GP has just advised rest and plenty of fluids.

    I have just read your entry and concluded I have already taken too much fluid of the alcohlic kind.

    Or have I really just read about a knitted pigeon called Wilson who has landed in a box of flapjacks?

  3. HELLO WILSON!!!! Are you coming to London too?????

  4. Greetings from my pigeon to yours! (Tiny Small is very confused as to why *our* pigeon is on *your* blog ...)

  5. he is soo cute!! flapjacks look scrummy - but am a bit full at the moment as have just eaten a huge piece of apple pie!!!
    glad the bags are okay, will be making some more soon.


  6. JUST THE CUTEST LIL PIDGY (PIGEON) As a child I used to love visiting my grandads pigeon loft, sad to say he no longer has his pigeons he is too old and unsteady now at 80 but hey ho the memories.

    Have a cool week. Sam X

  7. Hello Wilson! I'm glad he made it safely and am now wishing I had climbed into the box with him for a bite of one of those flapjacks!

  8. Wilson is just too sweet! Cute bird. Does he know he's a bird? He seems to think he's James Martin! lol

  9. I would be all in a flap if I were near those flapjacks too. Drool.

  10. Wilson Peckett is wonderful - gave me a smile this morning!!!

    Have a good day Gina!

  11. Hang on a mo - I've missed something...wiggly bags?? I'm a bit behind, I can tell...

    Too many yummy things in your kitchen - including Mr W Peckett - smashing name!!

  12. Hello Wilson!! I may have to take Gloria Hennypenny to London with me just in case - we could have a Pigeon Loft reunion too!

    See you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. He hee....I love Wilson Peckett(great name Gina).

    Looks like he appreciates your cooking!


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