Friday, 21 November 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

First of all some thanks... To Julia for this wonderful parcel full of wiggly bags, thank you so much Julia! Lovely fabrics and beautifully made.

And I don't think I showed you my fabulous gifts from my bloggy meet up last week... Thank you to Lesley for this beautifully stitched festive mini quilt.

and to Lucy for this super little mini quilt, again beautifully stitched. (I think I'm going to have to start my own quilt wall.)

Lucy also gave me this fabulous zipped pouch ( PIF gift I think?) which I'm going to use for my drawing pens... do you think that is me walking Barley?... maybe not.

And Trashy painted this lovely ornament which will hang on my Christmas tree this year! Thank you all so much!

Back in the Fan my Flame household there has been a frenzy of activity for the past couple of days as I try to remedy the lack of stock... I've a Christmas Open Studio and sale tomorrow which it seeemed like a good idea when I arranged it in June... now I'm not so sure! Amongst many other things there has been brooch production ... just need to find where I've hidden the brooch pins!

And the mass production of Christmas cards!

But at least it has given Stewart the chance to practise his risotto skills... just as well it's cooked on the hob as my oven has completely packed up and seems to randomly decide what temperature it will cook at! No baking here this week!

I'm off to look for some brooch pins... have a good weekend!


  1. Hope you find those pins. Have a great open day.

  2. isn't annoying when you know you have something'''?
    I had a little pile of Harris tweed woven labels and they are lost.Fortunately I got some more wth the new batch.

  3. Hi Gina,
    Hope you have a good fair.
    I too am stitching away for the many gifts friends have asked me to make and shop.
    You have some beautiful quilts.

  4. Good luck for the open day! Yes your purse-y thing was a sort of PIF - the sort you don't actually have to pay forward!!!

    Hope you have a really good weekend and find the brooch pins!

    Lucy xxx

  5. Where's his hat? You can't be a chef without a hat! lol

    I hope your Open Studio goes well. Enjoy the wine afterwards!
    The quilts and goodies are beautiful. So many clever people around.

  6. Hi Gina - do you still want wiggly bags? If you do let me know how they are made and I'll make some. I think it's a great idea. When I was in hospital a few years ago there where ladies on the ward who'd had ops for breast cancer and a nurse had made bags for them to carry their drain bags in because before that they'd had to use plastic supermarket bags, very undignified.

  7. Good grief - the lovely Mr Fan My Flame makes risotto - he must be the man of my dreams.

    (Compare MrM who makes scrambled egg - NOT very well.)

  8. Glad you like them! I had such fun making them I had to stop myself in order to get them sent to you!! x

  9. I have some brooch pins! Is there time for me to send them?

    Gorgeous makes there Gina - as always.

    Good luck for the open day. x

  10. Good luck Gina! What is it with brooch backs? I know I have at least 2 packets, but can I ever find them?

  11. Hope your open day's a great success Gina! I'd love to come along but I've got to pack up all the stuff for my stall this afternoon at the Christmas Bazaar!

    Have fun!!!!

  12. hope you have had a good day - if i lived nearer i'd be there!!
    love the christmas cards.


  13. Hope Open studio has gone well. Gina...I know I keep saying it but you must be one of the busiest women I know...I don't know how you hold it all together.

  14. Any reason to have someone to cook for you is a good one!

  15. Hope the open day was a success - judging by the cards and brooches I would think it would be. Can I borrow Stewart please - I love risotto but my husband can't or won't cook!

  16. Hope it went well today - any stalkers/lurkers? Love the little laydee on Lucy's purse - very sweet.

  17. Hope the open day went well, those brooches look gorgeous so I hope you found the dooings and sold them all!

  18. You have been busy, I hope you find the brooch pins! I love the mini quilts.

  19. Good luck with your sales - I think you work is lovely - the christmas look great and so do the brooches - I hope you found the pins in time!

  20. Lovely lovely lovely things!!Gorgeous gifts too xx

  21. I hope you find those pins too! Lot's of lovely art to look at in this post. Art friends are really the best friends :)


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