Saturday, 1 November 2008


I've had a fun day in Chelmsford teaching twelve super ladies to make machine wrapped cords, tassels and beads which they've put together to make these super pendants... fabulous!

I did persuade a couple of them to let me take pics of them modelling to show they look just as good on as off.

It has been a great day with lots of laughs despite the horrendous drive back up the M11 in the rain. Back home there was a parcel awaiting me... Wiggly Bags from Kitty. Thank you so much Kitty... they are gorgeous! Such lovely fabrics.

While I'm thanking Kitty, she passed on a couple of awards to me this week. Very much appreciated but I'm not going to pass them on because I'm just too tired to get my head round the logistics and I'm always worried I'll leave someone out. But thank you again Kitty

Now I'm off to watch the rest of Strictly Come Dancing with a plate of fish 'n chips and a large glass of wine! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. They look really nice..a successful day. Did they enjoy the cake?

  2. OOPs I just realised the cake was for your menfolk.
    Tut tut..I should pay attention.

  3. The tassle necklaces look great - and so do Kitty's wiggly bags!!!

    Lucy x

  4. Those tassel necklaces are fab - I'd love to know how to make them.

    Glad the Wiggly Bags got to you ok. It was a nice thing to make.


  5. Fabulous necklaces: looks as if everyone had a most productive day. You must be a very talented teacher.
    And I don't envy you that drive alomng the M11, my brother-in-law has just driven me back from Chelmsford this evening and the water was atrocious!

  6. tassles look great, very clever ladies!
    glad you got back safe and sound, weather was horrendous yesterday.
    hope the fish and chips tasted good - what a lovely way to end the day!


  7. Lovely lovely tassels Gina! (Is it me or could that be misconstrued?) We're home tonight and I have my Wiggly supplies at the ready, and how I have missed my sewing machine this week!

  8. As you say, fabulous tassly necklaces.

  9. Those necklaces look ace! I hadn't really considered the possibility of using tassels like this. I am feeling the urge for fish and chips and a large glass too now!

  10. Beautiful tassel necklaces and the wiggly bags are good too. Jane x

  11. What fab tassles - well worth all your hard work making up those kits!!



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