Saturday, 5 April 2008

Would you....

... invite any of these men into your home for tea? No, me neither!

Except perhaps on a tea cosy! I've been into mass production (if six counts as mass production... it certainly felt like it yesterday!) making these tea cosies for the Art and Craft Fair in Reach today.

And here are all the little sock creatures waiting to go to new homes!

And this is my very able assistant snoozing reading while he waits for the fair to open.

It wasn't very busy but a steady stream of people,including the lovely Dotty Cookie and her family and friends Angela and Neil (time you had a blog!), came to visit. I sold enough to make it worthwhile - a couple of sock creatures, a couple of applique bags, some books and a tea cosy. But not so much to clear me out of stock which means there will be things for the Etsy shop... watch this space!


  1. It was lovely to see you today and I am delighted with my purchases, although I am having to fight for custody of Babs [sock puppet]. The dog finds her interesting and my daughter had her arms wrapped around her. But I will win, may have to buy another sock puppet for the daughter though.

  2. Oh it all looks so lovely Gina. Gosh, I well remember the stress just before a sale, and then the sitting behind the table wondering whether anyone will come and look at your 'doings'.

    Glad you did well enough to make it worth your while - I did a couple which weren't and it's so disheartening.

    Can't wait for the shop! Take care. x

  3. Well done on a successful day :) Your DH looks very comfortable there!

  4. Your stall looks lovely and I'm glad it went well but with enough left over for your ETSY SHOP!!!

    I love your tea cosies - vicars fab if a bit creepy!

    Good to see your glamorous assistant making himself useful :)

    Soooo - when't this 'ere shop opening then????

    Going now, as I'm busy making things to stack my imaginary shelves with.....


  5. Love the tea cosy's, makes me wish that I liked tea! It all looks like a tempting display.

  6. It was a lovely fair and the girls were very pleased to see you! We were happy to meet your glamorous assistant too :-) I do wish I'd worn my corsage though ...

  7. I wish I could have come and seen you (and your glamorous if rather sleepy assistant - which makes him rather like Mr Locket, who even has the same arm-folding technique while dozing)

    Glad you sold enough but even more pleased that there are leftovers for your Etsy shop - hurry up and open up so we can all ogle!!!!

    Take care, Lucy xxx

  8. Loving the vicar tea cosies! And the sock creatures, the whole stall looked fab!

    I'm glad to see that your able assistant was able to "rest his eyes" before the event got underway ....


  9. Hi Gina I love your sock creatures ~ gorgeous lips!!
    Just came over from Dots blog to see you ~ Judy x


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