Thursday, 10 April 2008

A Recommendation

A few weeks ago, my friend Jude sent me this book to read and the accompanying note said " I had not considered pre-internet blogging but according to this it was alive and well from the mid 1930s." I have just finished it and I cannot recommend it enough.

It is a true account - in 1935 a young mother wrote to a magazine asking readers for help. She was lonely and frustrated and her letter struck a chord with several other women around the country (UK) and they set up a magazine called The Cooperative Correspondence Club (CCC) The magazine circulated among its members and the women wrote of their daily lives - about their children, their marriages, their hopes and their fears- ordinary women with ordinary lives yet so extraordinary and remarkable in many ways. They gave each other support and encouragement and formed friendships that lasted their life times. Many of them also met. Doesn't it sound very familiar? It is one of the most moving books I've read as well as being a wonderful piece of social history and if you can get your hands on a copy - do read it! I would love to know what the rest of you think.

There has been more degree work this week but not much to show for it yet, and some secret sewing that I can't show you yet either, but I have also been working on a request for some ponytail bands similar to my raggy corsages. This one is a protype but I had a bit of trouble with the actual band so it's back to the drawing board. But if I can get them to work they could be appearing in the shop very soon!

Finally some Springtime pictures. This week we have gone from snow to sunshine but I know Spring is here by the beautiful show of cowslips on our village conservation area. We are so lucky to have this area which is behind our house and every year I look forward to the cowslips - which are then followed by large daisies and heavily laden cherry trees in the summer!

PS I forgot to mention I've joined Lucy Locket's mini quilt swap (I'll put a link up when I can get my computer to let me cut and paste the code!) My partner is Katy and I'm really looking forward to this swap - a bit of a challenge for me as I don't "do" quilts!


  1. Thanks for the book recommendation - I'll look out for it. It's nice to know that a previous generation of women have experienced the same connection and friendship that many of us now find through blogging!

    Your hairband looks lovely - I love the colour! Will have to stalk your shop for a while...

    Gorgeous cowslips :)

    Thanks so much for sending Ruby so quickly and for Minxie's beautiful bag - she's thrilled with them!!


  2. I do love cowslips!

    I'll look out for the book too - it's interesting to see that the experience of women stays the same in some ways over the years ...

    And if you're feeling intimidated by the quilt thing, spare a thought for those of us who not only don't quilt but have been paired up with people who demonstrably do ;-)

  3. That looks an interesting book Gina - thanks for that.

    I have always maintained that the interweb is 'just another way' for people to 'meet' people. It was always the way that people connected with like-minded others - through whatever avenues were open (work, pubs, social or leisure groups, neighbourhoods, etc.) I am so glad I started blogging and 'met' the people I've encountered. It has undoubtedly enriched my world.

    Take care. x

    PS Ponytail holder is fab!

  4. I'll look out for the book, Gina.
    The cowslips are beautiful. How wonderful to see them growing out in the field like that.
    The ponytail band looks good. Hope you solve the problems with it. :)

  5. I received that book for my birthday and am really enjoying it - absolutely wonderful to identify the existence of such an interesting network. What patience they must have had though to wait for each issue...

    (found you through lucy's swap)


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