Friday, 25 April 2008

Socks and Swaps

Finally finished of the latest pair of socks which were very quickly claimed by Stewart who proceeded to model them for me... think he was practising his ballet moves.

mmm... possibly not

Not sure what he was doing really!

It was a Kaffe Fassett yarn for Regia but I can't remember the colour!
Talking colour... Lulu is a colourful character.

Finished just in time for my Craft Stall this evening.
If she doesn't sell she might just appear in the shop.

This morning I popped to the local garden centre - first of all for a quick cuppa and catch up with Dotty Cookie and Tiny Small. Then we had a wander around the garden centre and I bought this beautiful Clematis Cartmanii "Avalanche".

It has an abundance of the most beautiful delicate flowers. I'd like to keep it but it is a present for our neighbours who celebrate their Golden Wedding this weekend. They are very keen gardeners so hope they will like it as much as I do... and maybe plant it against our adjoining fence!

When I got home I was disappointed to find I had missed the postman who had a Special Delivery parcel for me. Suspecting it might be something nice I went back out to the sorting office to collect it and I was very excited when I opened it because inside was this...

... beautiful mini quilt from Katy!

I think it is lovely Katy so thank you very much - it will be treasured and I can't believe you made it so quickly. I have to confess I haven't even started mine yet but it will be on its way soon - I promise! Katy also sent these fabulous fabrics which I know I will put to good use.

I'd like to say I'll be working on mini quilts this weekend but think I'm going to be stitching plastic bags! Have a lovely weekend whatever you may be doing. Hope the sun shines : )


  1. Lovely socks and model. I am sure your neighbours will be very happy with the clematis. The quilt Katy sent you is charming.
    I have emailed round the office asking about carrier bags and everyone said they would save any they get, to be passed on to you.

  2. Expert modelling there Mr FMF!!!

    Your mini-quilt is beautiful and I wish I hadn't seen it as I've just finished mine and oh.....!!!!

    Very best of luck with your craft stall tonight and I really hope Lulu sells!!!


  3. I don't envy you sewing plastic bags this weekend - give me 22 mini-quilts any day!!!!!

    I love the socks and the plant - although I am very jealous that you and Val got to meet up again :(

    I hope the craft stall goes well tonight.

    And aren't we both so lucky to have got such gorgeous mini-quilts from Katy - I love mine so much - and yours is pretty nice too!!!! ;)

    Lucy x

  4. Hope the craft sale is going well tonight :) Your DH's socks look very fetching....and cosy! As for the ballet.....don't give up the day job! The mini-quilt is lovely as is the fabric. Look forward to seeing what you make with it.

    Are you only using orange bags?

  5. hoorah! It arrived! I'm so pleased you like it. I got all a bit excited by making them, it was such fun! (after the initial scaredy cat-ness!)
    I had a clematis once...but I killed it with my poisonous fingers :( they are such lovely plants too.

    Good luck for the craft stall!

  6. Those sock photos are pretty funny, hairy legs and all! Love the yarn and the mini quilt by Katy is precious. I enjoy your blog:)

    All good things,

  7. Lovely colourful socks Gina, and the clematis is beautiful. I'm loving the mini quilt pictures, I do wish i hadn't missed the swap. Still it may be just as well as I seem to be stuck in a knitting / crochet phase!. Lovely that you and Val got togther again. Jane x

  8. Hope everything went well with the stall and the neighbour's party!

    I have to say Katy's quilts for you and Lucy are gorgeous and have made me feel a bit nervous!

  9. wonderful socks and modeled so beautifully :) love little lulu ~ so bright and happy I have a Lulu at home shes really bright and happy too!!
    Love the mini quilt you received and the fabrics are adorable ~ have fun creating with poly bags I dont envy you at all :) Judy x


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