Thursday, 3 April 2008

Some Thank Yous

Not some but lots of thank yous really. First of all a HUGE thank you to everyone who has left kind, encouraging comments lately. I know I am not alone when I doubt that what I make or do is good enough (or even good at all!) and it is so encouraging to receive your friendship and support. I used to try and reply individually to all the comments I received but lately pressures of time have meant this is not possible but I do appreciate every single one... so THANK YOU!

I've been doing some more Etsy shopping at the weekend and bought this beautiful brooch from Monda. It is lovely, it goes with so many things and I have worn it twice already. Thank you Monda!

My other lovely Etsy purchase was from Lesley - one of her gorgeous baskets. (I've just noticed a bit of a flowery thing going on here)

Which is the perfect size for keeping my latest sock knitting which has been neglected of late. At least it looks nice sitting in its basket while it waits to be finished.

And there was also this little surprise in my parcel. A beautiful hand painted bird plaque. Thamk you Lesley!

A little while ago I mentioned I had been the recipient of a few blog awards but I've been a bit slow at mentioning them. First of all I got a "You Make My Day Award" from Kitty... thank you Kitty!

And "I love you this Much" from Lesley... thank you again Lesley (Love you too!)

And this "One in a Million Friend" award from Jane... thank you Jane!

I'm going to break the rules for these awards and not pass them on to individuals because I think I would find it too hard to single anyone out so if you read this and leave me comments or if you read this and don't leave me comments... then consider these awards yours too! And that especially goes for the three of you who gave them to me in the first place!

This post is getting seriously like an Oscar acceptance speech. But I think I've mentioned everyone who deserved a thank you... and so I leave you with news and pictures of Joe. These were taken in Fiji, although he is now in Australia. Aussie readers beware... he tells me he has a job selling door to door!

I love this photo of Joe and his friends on the beach... don't you just wish you were there!


  1. Fab photos of Joe and his friends - looks like he is having an amazing time - bet you are jealous!!!

    Love all your shopping too!

  2. So glad you like the basket and your knitting looks lovely in it!

    As for the award - it's a pleasure as I think you're great :)

    Lovely photos of Joe and friends - that beach looks fabulous. Wish I was there!


  3. What a hunky son you have there Gina! There must be a song title in the photo of the lads on the beach. I second the lovely shopping :)

  4. You are having soooo much fun with your buys, just love your new sock basket. That photo of Joe is for framing it is so good.

  5. Is tht Manos del Uruguay yarn I see poking out? Because if it is, I think we are both knitting the same pair of socks ...

  6. You have definately got some lovely shopping there.
    I agree with Julie you have got a good looking son there son there.

  7. **sigh** send me home. I miss the real beach

  8. Lovely Etsy purchases there - I too especially loved that brown flower brooch of Monda's. Mrs Moogsmum's baskets are fabulous aren't they?

    Don't take this the wrong way, but your boy looks slightly *phwoar* in that first picture! :-D

    You're very welcome to the award - I love your blog, and I think you, like it, are very special.


  9. Yes definately if the weather is going to do its worst on Sunday! still it just gives us more time for crafting. lovely flower brooch and box. Glad you liked the award, can't wait for another get together. Jane x

  10. Great Etsy buys and great pictures of Joe and the Fab Four on the beach!


    ps. Many congrats on your awards too ...

  11. What a great post Gina!!

    Lot's of lovely eye candy to drool over. Love your purchases from Etdy - it's a great place to shop isn't it?

    Well done on the blog awards - you deserve each and every one of them!

    Love the photo's of Joe and his friends too. Will be on the look out for him if he is selling door to door :)

  12. I'm so glad you like the brooch. I love this little baskets moogsmum makes too.

    I must agree with kitty on her comment about Joe - I think it's ok for me to think this at 32 though isn't it? (of course I wouldn't say this in the vicinity of Mr Monda!)



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