Friday, 11 April 2008

Blues, pinks and crazy chickens.

Today I can show you the sewing that I couldn't show yesterday! Some of you will know that Lesley's daughter Minx has sent me some beautiful drawings over the past few months including this fabulous crazy chicken which she sent to cheer us up after Jacob was in hospital.

I finally got around to turning it into a machine appliqued picture.

And as it was Minxie's birthday yesterday I turned it into this little bag as a birthday present and a thank you for sending me such lovely drawings.

I've also overcome my technical hitch with the ponytail bands and have gone into mass production. I've been asked to have a stall at Jacob's school for a "Ladies Pamper Evening" in a couple of weeks time so I thought they might make good sale items.

I'm toying with the idea of adding leaves but I'm not sure yet? Any suggestions?

I thought they matched my new purchase rather well - I got this bumper pack of Alcazar machine embroidery threads in ten different shades of blue at almost half price, from Barnyarns where they are having a clear out sale. Might have to go back and get some other colours!

Perhaps some pinks to match the pink ponytail bands?

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. Awww, what a sweet bag! I bet she loved it.

    Thank you for the Barnyarns link; a great excuse to top up my collection!

    And I vote with leaves - definitely.

  2. Now that's strange! I like the leaves on the pink but not so much on the blue. I do like the ponytail bands whatever tho!
    The bag for Minx is lovely. Her drawing and your interpretation are gorgeous.

  3. Love Minxy's bag and those ponytail bands are gorgeous - not as nice as a pink carnation corsage though........!

    Lucy x

  4. I agree with Julie - the leaves somehow look better on the pink. Maybe you need a different green for the leaves on the blue?

    The bag you made for Minx is lovely - would you mind if I borrowed the pic to put on the design-a-dozen blog? (will of course attribute it to you) - it's a perfect example for this months theme.


  5. That Minx is a bit of a budding artist isn't she? Gorgeous bag you made.

    How fiddly are the leaves? Because I think I prefer them WITH leaves (both the pink and the blue).

    Good luck with the sale! x

    PS: Off to check out those bargain threads now! Thanks for the tip off.

  6. Minx loves her bag - she's shown it to everyone and told the story of how it came about!!

    I love the flowers - I think with leaves if they were corsages but without for hair bands - or maybe try a couple with and a couple without to see how they go.

    Not very helpful am I?!

    Good luck with the sale!


  7. I am sure Minx was delighted with her birthday present, it looks so sweet.
    I do like the ponytail bands but maybe you need to try them with three leaves.
    I am sure you will do very well at the sale.
    Now I have to go and check out the Barnyarns link.

  8. Saw the pic over at Moogsmum, very lovely work from both you and Minxie.

    Leaves look lovely, personal preference only but I am loving the pink.


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