Thursday, 24 April 2008

Bag Lady

Encouraged by the comments on my last post (and despite Jude's warnings) I've decided to go ahead with the idea of a honeycomb structured dress made from plastic bags. After a quick review of available colours and styles I decided bold and brash is the only way to go and Sainsbury's orange it has to be. Popping into my local store for a jar of pesto and a packet of digestives (strange combination but I always was an adventerous cook) I grabbed a handful of said bags for my project only to be told off by the cashier...

"You have to bring in your old bags!"
"Yes I know... I do... but I need these bags."
"But you must recycle your old bags"
"I do... honestly... But I need these."
"I'll give you a sticker"

I gave in and took the bags and my sticker having decided it wasn't worth trying to explain... but I need more bags and I'm not sure I can face going back. I'll keep you posted!

As well as projects involving plastic bags I've also had to face the reality of going back to work next week. I put a lot of things on hold when Jacob was diagnosed and it has been almost three months since I've taught any classes. But next week we've got a Zigzag meeting and then I've got a weekend teaching at Missenden Abbey so I really had to get some preparation done this week. At Zigzag we're looking at ways of combining hand and machine stitch and today I've made these two tiny samples that will go on the front of cards.

They are not as dark as they appear on the photos.

Finally, I must mention the Arte Y Pico award given for creativity, interesting material and contribution to blogging. I'm honoured to have been given this award by three bloggers whom I admire greatly, who all have very different blogs that I find interesting and inspiring in numerous different ways. Kitty, Mags and Celia... THANK YOU!

As always there are rules and I have to pick five blogs that I admire and feel deserve this award . I have agonised over this and even worried about it but I can't do it - I'm finding it impossible to pick five out of the many I read - all who bring something unique to the blogging world. For I start I would want to nominate the three bloggers who nominated me! So I'm sorry but I'm breaking the rules and I'm not passing this on... Always was a bit of a rebel!


  1. The samples you have made for Zig Zag remind me of poppies very nice. I can send you some Sainsburys carrier bags if you would like.

  2. Poor Sainsbury's lady must have thought you were quite mad!! Good choice of bag for your project though :)

    Good luck with your classes - your stitched samples are lovely.


  3. Lovely lovely cards.

    Please tell me you didn't have to drive to Coldhams Lane for those bags - that's above and beyond the call of duty! If you don't need them to be pristine I get a new supply every week (that I always hand back to the driver!) I'd offer you this week's, but I managed to tip coffee all over them, and half the kitchen, while I was unpacking. Unless of course you're doing scratch 'n' sniff sewing ...

  4. Wow, you were rinsed by that cashier! ('Rinsed' being a term the girls taught me. I think it means to be chastised or shown up. Or possibly just washed off a little, I really can't remember now ....)

    I hope you'll be able to find a new supply - or at least a different check-out lady next time ....

    Good luck next week, I'm sure you'll get right back into the swing of it.


  5. Hi Gina, my bags are in the post! will make sure i go there again and pick up some more (Its on my way home from work). How many do you need?


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