Tuesday, 1 April 2008


I feel more than a little crazy! Frantic activity this week trying to explore my crazy patchwork theme using lots of different materials to produce "crazy" samples. Plus lots more research. I'm finding this all very exciting but it doesn't leave much time for anything else... and there is still so much more I want to explore. (Ah well... it's only for the next five and a half years!)

Also I'm going crazy making things to sell on Saturday when I will be here:

Reach is a lovely village just north of Cambridge and there should be lots of fabulous things to see... and buy! Fellow blogger Purple Podded Peas will be there with her beautiful prints too, so if you live nearby do come and say hello!
Couple of other bits of exciting news to share - I've been asked to teach classes and have an exhibition at the Jersey Textile Showcase next year and also I've just heard that I've been accepted as a member of Prism which is the exhibiting group for Opus... which is all very exciting and more than just a teensy bit scary!


  1. An invitation to teach and to exhibit! Well done! Don't panic, I'm sure you'll do it all very well. Good luck for Saturday, may the sun shine on you.

  2. Oh blimey, congrats on Prism and the teaching!

    My taller small is very excited at the prospect of coming to meet you at the craft fair - I can't promise we'll make it but it is on my list for Saturday!

  3. Well I know where I will be next March.Congratulations all round. The crazy patchwork looks very exciting and eco friendly. I am hoping to make it to the craft fair on saturday.

  4. Congratulations on the Jersey exhibition and very many congratulations on the Prism acceptance, you are in very good company there, wonderful work is exhibited. You deserve to be there with them. Well done, and don't be scared, you will wow them

  5. Wow! That is exciting news! I hope Saturday goes well too!

  6. Ooooh! Congratulations Gina for the Prism thing and the invitation to teach and exhibit. How fantastic! And well deserved too!

    I love your crazy patchworks :) I was just thinking I could maybe get to Reach and then remembered I've got a workshop on Saturday. Doh! Good luck with your sales. Hope the sun shines :)

  7. I love your crazy patchworks and am so amazed at how much you have done!!
    Congratulations on the teaching and the Prism group - so well deserved :)

    Fingers crossed that you have a very successful day on Saturday.


  8. Congratulations on the invitations/appearances. So very much deserved.

    Love the crazy patchwork - such rich colours, and detailing.


    PS Good luck for Saturday. Could you find out what, precisely, is a 'charity tea'?

  9. Congrats from me too Gina. You are Wonderwoman to do all that work! I love your friend with the bad hairday too :))


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