Sunday, 6 April 2008

Creating Cloth

For Opus this week I've progressed from crazy patchwork to creating a cloth using other methods. I wanted to keep the idea of piecing together different materials whilst trying to retain the drape and fluidity of cloth. Some attempts have been more successful than others. First I wanted to piece together metals taking inspiration from the 1960's creations of Paco Rabanne and the wonderful fluid sculptures of El Anatsui. I machine stitched some more tomato puree tubes together which were quite drapey.

I then took some slightly larger pieces of metal which I coloured with spirit dyes, punched holes and tied together with linen string - even more drapey!

But my favourite metal sample was this piece made from washers and copper wire. This was incredibly fluid and moved beautifully. It has certainly opened my mind as to what might be considered a cloth.

I then experimented a little and wove and stitched some paper strips, which were folded magazine pages. This was not a very fluid cloth but had quite a nice "textile" feel about it.

I tied together lumps of slate which were very drapey and interesting but I couldn't quite think of this as cloth.

And finally I thought I would play with laurel leaves and stitched together with thorns in the style of Andy Goldsworthy and I came up with this which I loved. I would like to make a large one of these to hang from a tree in the garden.

I was told by my tutor to be experimental and take risks so I hope this fits the bill! I'll know tomorrow evening.
Oh... by the way... did I mention I've got an Etsy shop now!!!


  1. I am totally in awe of what you have done there Missus!!! I'd have sat there for eons scratching my head!

    I love all of them - not sure if the first tomato puree one, the metal washer one or the laurel leaf one is my favourite.

    Can't choose.

    An etsy shop?


    May have to have a browse right now :)


  2. Flipping heck you are clever!!! I think I love the washer one best (or maybe it's the tomato puree tubes) but either way I am completely overwhelmed! I always knew I wasn't "artistic" - now I am sure!!!!

  3. Bother! Forgot to say "Yipee! an Etsy shop at last!"

    and "Bother! No money (as usual)!!!"

  4. Goodness me. Tomato puree tubes? I might eventually have come up with washers but I'd never have thought of tomato puree tubes!

    Your leaf one is beautiful.

    Yay on the shop!

  5. Wow! In awe here too! I really like the second metal one but the laurel leaves are also awesome! Have you seen Clyde Olliver's work with stitched slate?

  6. Congratulations on setting up your Etsy shop!

  7. Oh my word - that is VERY impressive. My favourites are the first one (tomato purée tubes - how inventive!) and the last one, which is absolutely stunning. I trust you'll get top marks for all that!

    Off to check out something about a shop now ... Etsy or something like that, was it?

    ;-) x

  8. Now I love this post, the tomato puree tubes, the washers and the leaves are my favourites. It all has a very medieval armour flavour to it.

  9. Oh my god these pieces are amazing. I lov ethe first 3 particularly. Love the first one. Fab stuff. Clever you.

  10. Wow, those are all very beautiful, and so unusual and interesting... which I thought a few moments ago when I first saw them, but I didn't get as far as leaving a comment as I got distracted by your etsy shop!!

    I may have got a little bit overexcited about your tea cosies... but I've calmed down now and remembered to come back and comment. But heck, I'm rambling so much that I bet you wished I hadn't bothered... sorry...

    PS. Really love those tea cosies!!

  11. What lovely work, very creative.
    The slate creation would make a nice hanging in the garden and give some shade.
    I hope it went well last night.
    Congratulations on your Etsy shop.

  12. Wow - these are stunning! I particularly like the washer one.

    Good luck with your Etsy venture.


  13. *Gulp* I'm so sorry, you got lumbered with me in Lucy's swap. The words 'I'm not worthy' spring to mind.

    (scuttles off to hide in a corner, panicking lots and lots and lots)

  14. Wonderfully imaginative stuff here. I don't know which one I like best.

  15. love the textile experiments - especially the green leaves

    and WELL DONE with ETSY !!!

    All the best

    (now I really really must get something put into my shop – why do I keep procrastinating about it?)

  16. Hi Gina, just been catching up with your blog, you have been making some lovely things. Good luck with your etsy shop.
    Sarah x


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