Monday, 10 March 2008


Jacob spent the day with his dad on Saturday which meant I got to have a day out! I went into London for a day with Opus. I'd brought some of my work along as the morning was an Open Day for prospective degree students - also a good chance to meet and compare notes with some current students, most of whom were almost finished their degree not just starting like me. Then in the afternoon we had a lecture by the incredibly talented Paddy Killer. She brought lots of samples of her work and gave a very entertaining talk. Not sure it would be okay to show pictures of her work on here but if you follow this link to her website you can see loads of examples. She is the most amazing technician both in her drawing and her machining - do take a look!

Going on the train also meant a chance to do some thinking and drawing for my current Opus module. I'd already printed off this image of a self portrait I'd done in the previous module. (I'm not really that grumpy looking - despite what you may have read on my last post - but I had to concentrate very hard to do this!!!)

I then played around with different effects in Paintshop Pro to see what the drawing would look like with different colours. I really am totally useless with things like this on the computer so this is about as far as I got.

However, it did make me think about the brightly coloured portraits of Matisse and so while I was on the train I made this very rough version of the portrait with coloured pencils (it was a very bumpy ride!) I didn't leave off my glasses through vanity - I just didn't fancy having to stitch them!

I have also been looking at the work of Sue Dove as I love her brightly coloured stitched images and so over the rest of the weekend I turned my portrait into a stitched picture influenced by Sue Dove... (and Matisse!)

I thoroughly enjoyed the process of stitching this and seeing the image build up - especially working out of my comfort zone (i.e. away from my sewing machine). I quite like the end result but as always with my work I find it all a bit too neat and controlled... so what I really like best is the reverse!

Which is not at all neat!
Jacob had his first full day at school today which meant a blood test and injection at lunch time but he has coped brilliantly so we had a treat when he came home... tea and fruit scones!


  1. Very good Gina,it just goes to show that the back can look as good as the front and have its own story to tell.

    It sounds as if you had a very interesting time Saturday.
    It's nice to hear Jacob is doing so well.

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  3. I enjoyed following those two links Gina - such different work too.

    I love your colour self portraits

    and so good to hear that Jacob is doing fine


  4. I'm glad Jacob is continuing to cope brilliantly :-)

    Your work is always so interesting and so far beyond what I think I could ever hope of creating - I love coming to see what you're up to!

  5. I love the reverse of your self portrait - it is as you say lovely and loose (Oops! that's not like in "Loose Women" lol). I hadn't seen Sue Dove's work before so thank you for the link.

  6. Fnatasic work Gina. You really are an inspiration.

  7. I too have a 'thing' about my work being 'tight' - I so envy those who can work with style and make it loose. I loved your stitching though.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again - you are very talented Gina.

    So glad Jacob is slowly getting there.


  8. Well Done! to Jacob
    Love this new stitch work and I can see why you like the back...sort of more painterly isn't it! I like the photoshop version too.

  9. I like the self portrait - and actually the back of the stitched picture is great fun.
    Also as others have said - pleased to hear that your son is doing well.

  10. I went to a Paddy Killer lecture some while ago. A lovely, funny lady, very entertaining and as you say extremely talented.
    Your self portrait is fabulous - I wish I had some of your ability.

  11. Your picture is amazing - in all it's forms! And you think the back isn't neat??????? Good heavens - don't ever look at the back of any of my work please!!!


  12. I can't believe you did all that lovely hand stitching so quickly!! I love the way you developed this piece too and I love both sides!

    So glad to hear Jacob is doing well :)


  13. No Gina, it can't be down to Paint Shop Pro; or am I confusing that night in the bar at summer school with someone else?

    All joking (!) aside, lovely to see a 'from sketch to(hand)stitch'. Especially the hand bit - v impressed!

    Mrs Sock

  14. Wow! You are one quick sewist!

    All the pictures of you are great ... although I think you've given yourself too many life-lines on the first one (having seen your pic on your blog)!


  15. fantastic Gina - I love the self portrait that the topic for the module ??? Soon be my tunr ;-)

    Glad to hear Jacob is coping so well .........


  16. how cool! the sketches/stitching/photoshop/colors - you are very talented!


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