Thursday, 13 March 2008

All about Joe!

On Saturday when I was at the Opus open day I met a lovely lady called Avril who introduced herself and not only bravely admitted to reading my blog but then showed me a wonderful pair of multi coloured socks (she was wearing them!) that she had been inspired to knit! We chatted for a while and then she asked how Joe was getting on and I realised I hadn't mentioned him for a while.

So as today has been one of those days when I've done a bit of this and a bit of that and seem to have absolutely nothing to show for it... this post is all about Joe! I haven't actually heard from him in two weeks but he has left New Zealand and is now in Fiji, where they are on a 24/7 party boat. Personally I can think of nothing worse... but I guess you have to be young! So to prove his trip isn't entirely made up of beer and women... some scenic pictures from New Zealand.

Joe on a rock!

Joe and friends by a waterfall.
This seemed strange at first because Joe who is in the middle looks so short (he's actually almost 6') I can only image his friends are very tall!

Trekking in the mountains.

And finally Joe on a boat!
Not sure what he's got living on his chin???

While he was in New Zealand he did a bungee jump which fortunately I didn't know about until after the event. He said it was scary... understatement or what???
Next week they move on to Australia where they will be for the next four months so I'll put more pictures then.


  1. I'm a new(ish) reader so didn't know about Joe. Gosh, what an adventure. Maybe he should be keeping a blog of his journey as something to look back on? Then again, he's probably too busy on that party boat thing ... sounds very loud doesn't it? :-O x

  2. Lucky Joe. How could you forget one of your children,I try quite often but don't manage it ha ha.
    Is Joe keeping any kind of a diary?.

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  4. Those photos are amazing - Joe looks great on the boat - what a beautiful looking sea! Lucy x

  5. Now those really are some very tall boys and I imagine their mummies all miss them very much!

    Great photos Gina and it sounds like Joe's having a fantastic time - loud party boat trips and all :)

    See you tomorrow!!

    Like I said to Lucy 'I'll have no problem recognising Gina - her face is rainbow coloured and made up of stitches'!!



  6. Nearly finished knitting my second pair now. Nice to hear what Joe is up to. I hope you all have a good time tomorrow and get lots of ideas for new arty crafty things to make.

  7. Good to see Jo is still having a great time. :)

  8. Well, it looks as if he's having an amazing trip!

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, bright and early - well, not as early as Lucy and Lesley will have to be, but you know what I mean!

  9. Lovely photos of Joe on his trip, Your comment about the bungee jump made me laugh Jane x

  10. I also love to hear about Joe's travels. i always used to tell my sons, not to tell me whata they were doing until it was over :)) In fact I still do. I'm sure there will be celebrations tonight, Wales won!


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