Monday, 17 March 2008

Baking and Stitch

After our wonderful day on Friday I spent most of Saturday morning sorting out problems for my travelling eighteen year old - "Of course I'm a responsible grown up" - son who has managed to lose his wallet in Fiji complete with two debit cards and about £250 of local currency! He has two accounts - one with Nationwide who were incredibly helpful over the phone (I actually managed to speak to a person at his branch) and put a stop on his account. His second account is with one of the major banks ... who weren't so helpful! Failing to get through to anyone in person I had to make a trip into his branch where I was met with much resistance. After convincing them I was his mother (despite different surnames), that no, they couldn't phone him, that it was okay that I was opening his mail etc etc - they too eventually put a stop on his account... but it was hard work! In four months he has lost his phone, broken his camera and now lost his wallet. Only five more months until he comes home.... do you think it has anything to do with the company he keeps???

Sunday we resumed our quest for tasty low sugar treats. Although there are no forbidden foods for Jacob he has to make sure he has plenty of slow release carbohydrates at every meal - bread, potato, rice, pasta etc and limit the amount of fast acting sugar he consumes. Val recommended the chocolate bread from "Apples for Jam" which got a mixed reception from the family although Jacob approved...

And I thought it was fabulous for breakfast with a chopped banana. Thanks for the tip Val - I'll be making that again!

I also found a recipe for these fruity muesli bars made with apple concentrate and no added sugar. Stewart and I really liked them but Jacob was disappointed... not surprising really as he thought they were flapjacks. And nice though they are, they don't really compete with the real thing laden with Golden Syrup!

And finally I made some granary rolls to go in his packed lunches this week. I think that's enough baking for one week!

I also managed a little bit of stitching of samples for my "Pattern" module. Having seen so many wonderful photo collages on other peoples blogs recently I thought I'd have a play around and I'm feeling very pleased with myself because this is the result....

... my stitched samples! Time to move on to "Sculptural Form" this week - should be interesting!


  1. Delicious looking baking Gina and that stitched collage is great! I'm so glad that my little monsters are still too young to go losing essential things in far off countries! I'm sure it will come sooner than I expect though!

    Lots of love Lucy x

  2. Your stitching is lovely Gina,so neat and perfect.You should be feeling very proud.
    I see you had a very enjoyable day at the Country Living Fair you lucky thing-not that i'm jealous.
    You do seem to have been very restrained in your purchases.
    I do feel sorry for Joe.When something like that happens it can be a real downer and I am sure he appreciates his mum very much.

  3. Mmmmmm, I'm hungry now! All those eats look delicious.

    As for the stitch samples - you are SO clever! I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again.


  4. I have been following the posts of your day out at the Spring Fair, thanks to you all for sharing photos and experiences with those of us who were unable to go.
    The collage of your stitching looks great. Lovely work!

  5. Yummy baking (unfortunately I couldn't eat any of it)! Beautiful stitching but then I wouldn't expect anything less :) Well done on the collage.
    sounds like a bit of a nightmare for Joe. I think it might be a lad-thing, losing everything that isn't physically attached! :) My friend had the same problem when her son went travelling.

  6. Delicious looking goodies, Gina. I do admire you for sorting out the banks it must have been a daunting task. Your stitching collage is beautiful. Jane x

  7. That's one heck of a lot of baking - fab job!!

    Nicwe to see Joe appears to be blissfully unaware of the stress going on at home :) Great Tinky Winky outfit going on in that photo!

    Your photo collage is great and I love your embroideries - beautiful!


  8. Baking looks very yummy, if you are after a recipe suitable for diabetics or low-sugar requirements I have a terrific cake one. Give me a buzz via my page:-)

  9. Your baking looks yummy - I'm looking forward to trying some of your low sugar treats one of these days!

    I'm glad you managed to sort out Joe's accounts. I know it must have been a worry till it was sorted.

    Gorgeous stitchery!

  10. Oh - can I come and live at your place Gina? I love the photo's you share of your cooking.....

    Sorry to hear about Joe's troubles. I am sure he really appreciates your support and help sorting out his finances!


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