Monday, 3 March 2008

Goodies in the post.

I have had some lovely post since coming home from the hospital last week. A big parcel arrived on Friday morning, which although expected was still full of wonderful surprises. Dotty Cookie and I took part in an unofficial "Valentine Swap" along the lines of Lucy's swap. These were the lovely packages inside the parcel... the chocolate wrapping paper looked good enough to eat!

I opened the big packet first... and look what was inside. She is gorgeous and has been named Valentina!

Inside with Valentina was another parcel which had these very pretty stitch markers which I'm already using on another pair of socks. I started knitting another pair while we were in hospital but only managed to knit about 6 rows. However, I've made progress over the weekend and have now got to the point where I need markers!

There were also two lovely pieces of heart themed fabrics...

Red and Pink!

Some pretty ribbons and beads!

And last but not least these rather posh looking chocolates!

Thank you Val - everything was wonderful but especially my beautiful doll!

Another parcel also arrived which again was expected but also contained some unexpected extras. This is the prize I won in Monkee Maker's raffle - a compilation picture of Monkees getting up to all sorts of things which made us all smile!

And also this rather pretty parcel...

Containing these very cute paper clips. I think they are fabulous!

Thank you MM!

Much as I have loved all these wonderful goodies I have to say the nicest surprise came from Moogsmum's daughter Minx who heard we'd had a bit of a sad week and sent me this brilliant picture of a crazy chicken to cheer us up! It certainly did! Thank you Minxy... it's fantastic! (And glad to hear you're feeling better today)

I think this might have to become another embroidered picture!

My young man is making good progress - his blood sugars have been a bit high today but we've been on the phone to the diabetes nurses at Addenbrooke's hospital who have been a fantastic support, dishing out both good advice and reassurance. Tomorrow we have our first clinic appointment and on Wednesday I think he could manage a morning at school! I'm not sure this is his plan but I'm sticking to it!


  1. How lovely to receive such gorgeous post after a rotten week. I love the doll and the markers, although I wouldn't have known what they were if you hadn't said. Minx's drawing is delightful.
    Hope the clinic visit goes well tomorrow. Take care xx

  2. Glad Jacob is doing well.
    How nice of your postman to deliver such lovely parcels.Valentina is gorgeous and Minx's drawing is very cute.Do you think she had Easter in mind?.
    Best wishes to you all.

  3. Oooh what lovely goodies! Valentina is very very beautiful and how posh are those chocolates?!!
    Fab monkee picture and well done on winning the raffle. The draw was an event in itself :)

    I'm sure Jacob will be delighted to go back to school ;-)

    Minx is sitting in a box as I type!!


  4. Gosh what lovely things you got in your parcels!

    That Minx is going to be famous for her designs pretty soon isn't she?

    Good luck to Jacob - I hope he goes from strength to strength. x

  5. Hi Gina, I'm just catching up with your blog after our long weekend away - !!!! I'm so relieved Jacob was diagnosed and is coping well. What a shock you all had!

    What a lovely parcel of presents - just what was needed I should think!

    Take care

  6. Oh you got some gorgeous goodies! Valentina is stunning - I can't think why DottyCookie was worried about sending such a fab gift! And Minxy's mad chicken is adorable!

    And as for those chocolates - yummy!!!!

  7. What a load of goodies! Those Christopher chocolates ARE JUST DIVINE (you may already know that by now as I'm a bit late).

    The doll and the chicken are both fab!



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