Thursday, 27 March 2008

I Said I'd be Back...

... and here I am! I have missed blogging but it has been a very productive week. I have been glued to the computer and had my head in books virtually all day and everyday... only leaving the house to walk the dog... but I have managed to work my way through the remaining assignments and I'm ready for my tutorial this evening. YIPPEE!!!!

I've covered just about every stitch technique you can imagine - from smocking to crazy patchwork, from goldwork to rug making, from the work of artists as diverse as Magdalena Abakanowicz and Ritzi Jacobi to the work of designers like Jean Paul Gaultier, from corsets to anoraks, kayaks to yurts... if it's been stitched then I've read about it! I've even managed some samples too.

I loved doing the crazy patchwork and have lots of ideas where I might take this technique although I'll not be sorry if I never try smocking ever again! I've now got to focus on three of the methods studied and develop them into personal projects - got about five weeks to do that!

In order to relax in the evenings I've been... doing more sewing! First of all Jacob wanted something to protect his ipod when it is lurking in the depths of his pockets along with keys, coins and other objects likely to damage it! So we found some suitable fabric for a fifteen year old boy (he chose it) - and this is what we came up with.

There have also been a few of these friendly chaps being made as I've got a craft fair coming up in just over a week and thought my dwindling stock needed replenishing. Any that don't sell might be appearing in my soon to be announced Etsy shop!

Also with the craft fair (and Etsy) in mind I wanted to try some naive applique, inspired by some of the work by we saw at the Country Living Fair, and so I made this little clutch bag from linen fabrics...

With a bright pink lining to match the buttons....

On the applique picture on the back.
(Ok... I can see it needs ironing but there hasn't been much of that going on this week!)

Not much cooking and baking over the past week either - except for this fruit loaf. A fabulous sugar free recipe sent to me by Trashalou which Jacob (and his friend who was over for the day) absolutely loved. Full of fruit like raisins, dates and apricots it also had a secret ingredient that I didn't reveal until they'd eaten it... mashed sweet potato! Thank you... I'll be making that again!

Finally I'll leave you with a glimse of what I've been doing with those dyed recycled blankets.... more crazy patchwork inspired by the gorgeous work of Madeleine Millington.

I'll show more when it is finished but first I need to clean my house, wash some clothes and restock the fridge!


  1. Brilliant, wow, fantastic. you have been missed,but you have been very productive.It all looks wonderful especially the collage. Got to go back to your blog now to read it all properly.Well done.

  2. Oh Wow! That clutch bag is incredible and the blanket patchwork is just stunning! I'm lost for words now! (and we both know that's a miracle!!!!!)

    Great to have you back! Lucy x

  3. I missed you, but my goodness - what a lot you've been doing. As usual, it's all gorgeous. Love the iPod sock, and the sock creatures.

    Can't wait to see the Etsy shop! x

  4. I'm exhausted just reading that Gina!! You have done so much lovely stuff - I love your coursework pieces, especially the crazy patchwork, and the sock monsters are fab - and I think your clutch bag is gorgeous!!!

    Can't wait until your shop opens!!


    p.s. I love your felted piece too!

  5. Wow, you must be stitched out by now, you have been busy. I love the bag and the blanket work. Good to see you back.

  6. I know how you feel,I remember reading the c&g course part two log book just three weeks before finishing part two only to find that we should also have a portfollio of samples and techniques that we hadnt covered. I spent three weeks finishing my final pice and stitching and sticking everything I could find into a large sketchbook!!

  7. Can't wait to see what's on your stall at the Reach Art & Craft Fair (there's a plug for you!!!) - I've got my eye on the little clutch bag!

    My Mum made me Liberty print smocked dresses when I was little - bet I jsut went out and played in the mud!!!


  8. Wow what a productive week and so much eye candy to look at! The fruit loaf looks very tempting too! I like the crazy quilting and the blanket work. I'm off to follow your link for that now.
    PS Jacob's ipod pouch looks cool! And an Etsy shop too!!

  9. I love love love that little clutch bag - the birdie is so sweet. That country living show seems to have inspired quite a few people around blogland - it must have been a good day out.


  10. Wonderful stitchyness Gina, I love the little bird design on your bag, and the blanket work at the end. missed you lots Jane x

  11. Glad you all enjoyed 'Gavan's fruit loaf'. Isn't it fun to mess with the minds of the young?
    Although, his may have been messed with a little too much! Loving that his irony gene is so well developed!

  12. Hells bells, you've been busy! I think I need to have a week away from the computer .... although I fear I'd still get nothing done, and just veg out in front of the tv!

    Loving the choice of fabric on the ipod pouch, and your little bag with the birdie. Ooh ooh, and the patchwork, and the monsters .... and I can't remember all the other lovely goodies as wine has been involved and unfortunately it's killed off a few more memory cells.

    I know it was all lovely though ....


  13. Goodness me - all absolutely stunning. I LOVE your clutch!

    Can I be nosy and ask where and when is the fair? I might be able to sneak over if it's local ...


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