Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Afternoon Tea

I made my first ever Etsy purchase this week and yesterday this beautiful little book arrived. I bought it from Karen Jinks who is another Cambridge Open Studio artist. ( I've added links on the sidebar) Although I've been known to dabble with a little book making I cannot resist other people's hand made books - and this didn't disappoint. It is beautifully made and I love the paper used for the cover. Of course, this also means I've had to open an Etsy account so now I'm thinking about opening a shop... mmmm? (I obviously haven't got enough to do)

Thank you for all your encouraging comments about my portraits. I would have liked to explore the theme further but there are seven assignments to work through for this module before choosing three to look at in more depth. So I wasn't able to linger on "Stitch and Image" and have now moved on to "Pattern". I have spent hours researching all types of pattern and stitch and I'm overwhelmed! I've come to the conclusion it is a lifetimes study that I've got to cram into 3 -4 days! So today I focused and have limited myself to English embroidery and I started with Elizabethan Blackwork. Already I've spent far too long engrossed in Elizabethan portraits (back to portrait again!) and have started a sample but it won't be ready to show here for a while...hand stitching is so SLOW!!!! Instead I found this little blackwork card I made years ago so it will have to do!

Today's afternoon tea offering was a cinnamon and fruit loaf made in the bread maker. Thank you to my friend Lesley for the suggestion - perfect for Jacob's mid afternoon snack. However my Mum and Dad turned up this afternoon and Ben came home from work early so toasted and buttered it turned into an afternoon snack for five of us... there's not much left!

This post seems to be a series of random disconnected thoughts today... a bit like my head feels at the moment!


  1. The book looks lovely I will have to check out karens shop. When you open yours please announce it very loudly.

  2. I second that! The loaf looks delicious!

  3. oh lovely notebook and your tea loaf looks delicious. Sorry I missed your previous post, your self portrait is very good, i never manage to get peoples faces to look right. I'm always better on flowers and landscapes. lovely stitching too, I have done a lot of cross stitch in the past and have stopped as there are only so many i can make as gifts before the family says "well thats lovely but where shall i hang it?" so i'm on a knitting phase at the moment :) Jane

  4. Isn't that book lovely? I too have an Etsy account - no purchases made yet, nor anything sold. But I am mulling it over.

    That tea loaf looks so professional - you obviously cook as well as you sew.


  5. Ah see, now that you'v egot an Etsy account there's really nothing to setting up a shop! It must be simple if I can do it!!

    I love your blackwork. This is one of my favourite forms of traditional embroidery. I can't wait to see where you go with it.

    Your new book is rather gorgeous. Is it to (gasp) write/draw in or have you bought it to stroke and admire?


  6. Hi Gina,
    Thats a lovely book you got yourself.
    Your self portrait is really good.
    Thanks for the visit.
    Sarah x

  7. So pleased you like it! You must open a shop now, it's obligatory :D

  8. Your book is fab, your sewing is fab and your tea loaf looks, um, well, fab really! Fab post Gina! Lucy x


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