Sunday, 2 March 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

In the UK, today is Mother's Day and this morning I was greeted by a pile of silver wrapped balls, a card and the following letter...

"Dear Mum,
Thank you for bearing us in your womb for nine months, undergoing the agony of childbirth, changing our nappies as well us feeding, clothing and sustaining us for the greater portion of our lives. In return, we present you with Bath Bombs. And a card.
The Boys x"

What comedians!!! But making me laugh has always been their best gift. I also rather like the fact that Ben and Sam are slaving over vegetable peelers and a hot stove right now!

Would also like to say a HUGE thank you for all your wonderful messages of support over the last couple of days. It really has been a great comfort and help. I'm trying to reply to each of you but if I don't manage it please know every single comment and email was very much appreciated. Already we are in a good routine with the blood tests and injections and Jacob is being brilliant and taking it all in his stride... and loving the fact that he gets so much to eat!

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, whether you are a Mum or not, have a wonderful Mother's Day.


  1. That letter is a very good testament to your mothering Gina. I hope my two will be able to say stuff like that in years to come!

    Have a lovely day. :-) x

    PS So very good to hear Jacob is doing well. x

  2. I'm glad you are having a lovely day after a stressful couple of weeks.
    Glad Jacob is on the mend and coping so well.

  3. Phew! glad to hear that things have improved so much for both Jacob and you and the rest of the family. What a lovely idea for Mothers day from the boys. Happy mothers Day Gina. Jane x

  4. What a great greeting from your lovely sons, Gina. I've just been reading about Jacob. You poor things, what a lot to cope with! I'm glad that Jacob is doing well, diabetes has some compensations then! Plenty of food! :)

    I hope you've had a lovely Mother's Day and an odd glass or two! lots of love xxx

  5. What a beautiful Mother's Day Greeting Gina.

  6. Boys are great aren't they?!!! Nice to know you've been amply rewarded for all your mothering!

    I hope you had a great day with your lovely boys. I'm so pleased to hear Jacob is doing so well too!

    Enjoy the pampering xxx

  7. What a fab card and letter - and I love the idea of the pile of bathbombs!

    Glad to hear Jacob is coping well.

    Lucy xxx


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