Wednesday, 5 March 2008

It's been a while...

... but I suddenly had an urge...

to create a new silly sock creature. This is Mr Allsorts - so named because he is the colour...

Of Liquorice Allsorts!

And of course he is rather partial to the aforementioned confection... mmmm, not bad!

Prefer the pink coconut ones though (doesn't everyone?)

Oh dear Mr Allsorts... you really didn't have to finish the whole packet did you?!
Don't complain to me when you don't feel well.

That was going to be it but then the postman came. And look what he brought me today. This rather lovely fabric postcard from Annica as a thank you for the bag she won in my 100 post giveaway. Thank you Annica - it was a lovely surprise and it is beautiful! I really must find a way of displaying these beautiful cards and ATCs I've received because at the moment they are residing in a plastic box which seems a shame. Any ideas?

While I'm saying thank you - Huge thanks also to Lynda who gave me a "You make my Day" award last week, which was very much appreciated . I've had this before so I won't pass it on again. But I want you all to know that you all help make my day - every day!


  1. What a clourful character Mr Allsorts is.
    Do you remember the Pokemon cards[dreaded things]?.You used to be able to buy collectors folders full of plastic wallets split into pockets.If I remember correctly the cards were about the same size as an ATC.If you can't buy them in the shops you try Ebay or an older child that has finally decided to clean out his room [and they are as rare as hens teeth].

  2. Oh Wow - what a handsome sock creature is Mr Allsorts. He's gorgeous!

    And I so envy those who can 'do' those ATCs - they are such beautiful little pieces of work; rich and stunning.

    Lovely post. Take care. x

  3. Hope Mr Allsorts didn't get tummy ache! I used to love liquorice allsorts but I'm not able to eat liquorice and coconut now so I just have to admire from afar and remember. Annica's ATC is beautiful. I do love her and Beate's work, such lovely blends of colour and stitch.
    Hope things are good with you xx

  4. Ooooooh I love Mr Allsorts - he is fab!!! Hope he doesn't make a complete pig of himself!

    I'd have to frame the ATC's - maybe lots of them in one big frame.

    I hope Jacob got on ok at school today - especially after emptying your bank account!!

    Minx is back on form and has been on the naughty step twice this evening!


  5. Mr Allsorts is wonderful and very appropriately named! We call the pink and yellow coconut ones loo-rolls!

    Love that postcard too!

    Lucy - not long til the 14th!!!!

  6. Mr Allsorts is wonderful, hope he left you some allsorts. The ATCs are beautiful, something else i'd like to try but too much knitting at the moment. Good to hear Jacob is doing well. Jane x

  7. Hi Gina, How about creating a book of little plastic wallets. Using normal plastic A4 wallets, you could cut out the right size use a soldering iron to fuse the outer edges, and leaving enough width on the left hand side to punch holes in and then tie them altogether with free machined cords, and some gorgeous stitched covers. This way you could just keep adding more and more and more! Lesley

  8. Lovely Mr Allsorts - and a lovely ATC!

    It was great to see you this morning - and as you can see I have already broken my not-turning-on-the-computer resolution ...

  9. Hmmmm, I hope Mr Allsorts didn't spend all day on the lav after all that licquorice!


  10. I LOVE the postcard. I really want to try making these myself. I'm always admiring them, but then forget about them. Thanks for reminding me again.

  11. Your blog is beautiful and my eyes danced with delight when I discovered it! I love your Mr. Allsorts and his quirky personality! Wishing you love, laughter, and Bliss! Katie

  12. Mr Allsorts looks delicious :-) Glad you liked the postcard!

  13. Hi Gina

    So sorry to hear that Jacob has been so ill.

    I ADORE Mr Allsorts!! And agree with his taste in licorice allsorts (yum).

    His Australian sister Sally waves her brightly colored hand hello to him (and to you).
    Annica's postcard is lovely!


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