Sunday, 21 October 2007

Bits and Bobs

As promised, a closer view of the ATC I received in the swap on Wednesday which is the turquoise/blue card on the left made by Sandy. The photo doesn't do justice to the colour which is gorgeous. The card on the right I got from Lesley. Lesley has done some lovely sketchbook work on churches and this is based on a church shape with beautiful piece of rust dyed fabic in the middle.

I had a fabulous day in London on Thursday. First stop was Charing Cross to see this statue of Oscar Wilde by Maggi Hambling. I think it's brilliant - all those lovely curving lines - although I know it's not a view shared by all and I think there was quite a bit of controversy when it was erected. I then went to see more of her work at the National Portrait Gallery. I think her pictures are so vibrant and full of movement. After that I went on to the Tate Modern where I had a lovely lunch followed by a couple of hours viewing in the galleries. I had gone particularly to see a collection of drawings from the UBS collection and I wasn't disappointed - there was a fabulous selection of work to see.

Then back home where I spent a relaxed evening knitting and I finished my socks at last... they are very comfortable and I'm already planning my next pair...

... From this fabulous multi coloured wool bought at the knitting and stitching show. I couldn't resist it.

Talking of which, here are some of my other purchases. I was quite restrained this year but even so I have no doubt these bits and bobs will stay in their bags for months. Some fabrics and tape...

Some matching buttons and grosgrain ribbon... I'm thinking jewellery here.

And some more linen fabric, thread and haberdashery from the Selvage stand. I'd like to say watch this space to see what I make from them but I think you might have a long wait : )

Yesterday I was up in Wolverhampton speaking to some lovely ladies from the Wolverhampton branch of the Embroiderer's Guild. They had the best "shop" I've ever seen at a Guild meeting and I came away with more purchases - some velvet and some silk scrim. Hello Wolverhampton!!!

And today I've spent all day catching up with various bits of work for my degree module and have ended up with several "stitched" portraits. I sketched people on the train and in the restaurant on my day in London and turned them into these little stitched drawings. I think I might display them all in a hand made book... if I get time!

Talking of time... it's time to cook dinner... and attempt to make some impact on the mountain of ironing sitting in my kitchen. There are cothes in the ironing basket that I'd forgetten I owned! My next post will be my 50th so I feel some "give away" might be in order. Not sure what yet... but keep watching.


  1. Oooo, I love all those stitched faces. I'm betting they'll make a wonderful book.

  2. Wow! These portraits are excellent!
    Sounds like you had a great day in London. I shall have to Google Maggi Hambling as I didn't know about this sculpture.

  3. What great portraits. They'd look good in a book.

  4. Love the portraits. They would definitely look good in a book!


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