Thursday, 11 October 2007

The garden beckons...

A very short post as today the sun is actually shining and I'd like to get out into my sadly neglected garden and plant the tulip bulbs that we bought in Amsterdam. I'm teaching a day class at the Hertfordshire Embroiderer's Guild on Saturday... Machine Textures again so it will be a condensed version of what I was doing last weekend. I've been finishing off the following sample this morning so here's a quick peek at what we'll be doing...

Tomorrow I'm going down to the Knitting and Stitching Show. In the morning I shall be on the Missenden Abbey stand so please call by and say hello if you are going to be there. I'm concerned this is going to limit the time I have for spending... but maybe that is a good thing! (Although there is always Sunday....)


  1. I'm sure you'll manage to squeeze in a minute somewhere for a bit of a spend! Enjoy the show. I went to the NEC one and came home thoroughly inspired and somewhat poorer xx

  2. I like the sample Gina. The colours work well and it has the feel of landscape about it.
    Enjoy the K & S Show - I'm sure you'll fit in some retail therapy. I look forward to seeing the booty here next week.:o)) I hope the shows as good by the time it gets to Harrogate.

  3. wonderful sample!...and thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Anika is one of my three wonderful children . She is the liveliest and I have much fun with her hot temper.

  4. Mr Sock feels that some of those trader stands became far too attractive to be healthy.
    But the exhibitions were well worth the visit - the favourite was Suhandan Ozay's, followed closely by the Pfaff, Val Campbell Harding and Tilleke Schwarz - and loved Rebecca Shreeve's bats and shrews in the graduate showcase!


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