Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Birthday Boy

Jacob's birthday seems to be lasting forever! After our outing to Camden on Sunday, we ventured with three more friends into Cambridge last night for a meal at Frankie and Benny's. As you might imagine Stewart and I felt like spare parts! But the four younger members of our party seem to be enjoying themselves

Jacob even got a candle in his dessert and "Happy Birthday" played for all to hear!

Today is his actual birthday so as is tradition in our house he gets to choose the menu for dinner. He opted for home made pizzas and a strawberry cheesecake... I remember a time when the only acceptable birthday cake was a huge chocolate affair covered in every type of chocolate confection you could imagine. It was affectionately known as a chocolate mountain! But gradually as the boys got older their choice of cake became more sophisticated. This is the first year Jacob has chosen something other than chocolate... he must be growing up! (I'd like to add... I still opt for the chocolate.) So here it is... his strawberry cheesecake with 15 candles.

As well as baking I've been preparing for another weekend teaching coming up - "Machined Textures" at Missenden Abbey, so this is a glimpse of one of the samples...

And finally I've finished my first assignment on "surface textures" for my degree with this drawing...

ps I'm trying to change the spacing on this post but blogger is not cooperating, so apologies for the cramped writing and pics!

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  1. Is this really just a drawing? It has so much depth to it, it looks like a collage. Amazing!


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