Sunday, 7 October 2007

Lovely Weekend

This is where I've been this weekend - Missenden Abbey, teaching eight lovely ladies a course called "Machined Surfaces and Textures." I love working at the Abbey as it is such a beautiful location and as always we've had lots of fun, lots of laughs and there has been lots of fabulous work.

The students have very generously given me permission to share their work with you... and apparently it could be for sale at the right price! (I charge very reasonable commission as their agent!!) As might be gathered from the title, we were working with machine embroidery building up textured surfaces. Most, but not all worked an abstract style landscape panel. The piece below was done by Judith... an autumn woodland which is beautiful and very effective. I have to mention Judith became teacher's pet almost immediately by removing a very large spider from the classroom on Saturday morning... my hero!

This next piece was made by Nickie... gorgeous colours! This is stunning and the photograph really doesn't do it justice.

Sharne was working on a theme of woodlands so her piece below is representational of tree bark and was stunning...
once again the photograph doesn't do it justice.

More lovely work below from Yvonne... this was quite a large piece so is not finished yet but will be gorgeous when it is all stitched down.

The fabulous piece below was made by Kim, who was a complete newcomer to machine embroidery... didn't she do well! The colours are a lot more exciting and vibrant in the flesh.

This was made by Gill, who hadn't got very far with stitching the whole piece together because she wasn't sure she liked her work. Believe us Gill, it was lovely and please finish it!

The panel below was made by Veronica, who wants to make her piece into a bookcover when it is finished. The shiny stuff is water soluble fabric which still needs to be washed away. I really like the addition of lace on this and look forward to seeing the finished result.

And last but not least is Adele's work... don't those colours just zing! I have to say that Veronica and Adele were both on my summer school so I was very flattered they came back for more!

So, thank you ladies for letting me share your work... you were a brilliant bunch of students and I've had a great weekend. Guess what... it's time for that glass of wine and feet up....


  1. Those are beautiful embroideries - what a lovely way to spend a weekend. Well done you for having men who iron - my DH once half heartedly offered to iron his shirts but never quite seemed to find time to do them ;o)

  2. Your students have created some amazing pieces. But then they had an excellent teacher. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Those textiles look amazing - I'm in awe! Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog. Lucy x

  4. Hi Gina
    Many thanks for visiting my blog today. And for your lovely comments on my dolls. I love the pieces of art you have shared that your students made. They are stunning. And I am sure they had a lovely time under your care and encouragement.
    Dot :)


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