Sunday, 14 October 2007

Tulips from Amsterdam

I never did get to plant the tulips last week... one thing after another seemed to crop up and I didn't get into the garden. However, today was another beautiful day in Cambridgeshire and I've had a lovely day pottering about, recharging my batteries and planting tulips bulbs. These are what they should look like next spring...

If I had to choose a favourite flower I think it would have to be tulips with their wonderful bright colours and promise of brighter days to come. And my favourite tulips are the parrot tulips... they are so flamboyant and exuberant. So keep watching til next Spring!

I forgot to post this picture of the class yesterday... it really tickled me because here they were, fifteen ladies at a machine embroidery class... and every one of them was knitting! (Don't ask....) It was so relaxed and peaceful that I think maybe I should teach knitting instead of machine embroidery.

I found the three pictures I managed to delete from yesterday's post... so here they are. More lovely textures!

The auction of promises was good fun last night and probably more than a glass or two of wine were consumed. Considering that, we got off quite lightly and were out-bid on several items inculding a weekend in a holiday cottage on Norfolk, a two week holiday in France and a jeroboam of champagne. However, I've got a manicure and a handmade bag to come!
I keep playing with the spacing and have edited this post four times but still blogger is not playing... so good luck if you are trying to read it! My advice is not to bother!

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  1. I'm glad someone else has trouble with blogger! It drives me to distraction at times. :0)) Sounds like you've had a lovely day to day. The embroidered pieces are beautiful.


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