Friday, 26 October 2007

More socks... and 50th post!

When I went for my interview with Opus before starting the degree, Alex Caprara asked me what other interests I had. I told him I liked to knit, sew, read, bake, make things etc and he gave a wry smile and told me I wouldn't be doing all that once I started the degree. This week I've started to realise the truth in those words!!! I'm quite happy with the situation because I'm loving all the drawing and research etc. that I'm doing for my first module but it is at the expense of other things... including blogging which is why there's not been much activity here over the past week. However I've had to find time to make some things because as always at this time of year I've got a stall at one or two craft fairs coming up soon... the first is next Wednesday (don't PANIC!!!!). In a moment of inspiration (brought on by conversations with Mr Sock) I decided to make some sock creatures to sell. These are the first "batch" which will be on my stall at the charity fair in our village next week. They are not entirely finished and need a bit more embellishment (except for the pink one!)

I think they need names... any suggestions???

How rude... sticking your tongue out!

Another thing I've been planning... what can I give away because this is my 50th post. I recently discovered Dotee dolls on Dot's Blog which I thought were lovely. So I've made one as a small present in appreciation of everyone who has read my blog and left comments over the past few months. I've "met" some lovely people and have found huge encouragement in this blogging world so...

If you leave a comment on this post between now and 6 pm Sunday evening, I will put all names in a hat and pick one to receive my first ever Dotee Doll... plus some other little odds and ends that might find their way into the parcel. A small way for me to say thank you to you all.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend... doubt I'll be back before Monday (I'll look in on Sunday evening)... it's back to the degree work for me....


  1. Those sock creatures are amazing Gina - such fun! I am totally stressed out about how much I should be making at the moment for the craft fairs coming up - I desperately need to earn some money but at the moment all I seem to be doing is spending money on buying the supplies then panicking about how I will find time to make things up especially as it is the children's half term! Congratulations on your 50th post and thank you for the kind comments you have left me. Lucy x

  2. Oh Gina your sock creatures are amazing!!!! Am sure they will sell very well. I adore the one with his/her tongue hanging out!

    Congratulations on your 50th post. Your Dotee doll is gorgeous. I can see you had fun making her. He heee..I love seeing them on people's blogs and your version is beautiful...

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog today and your lovely comment. I do love making dolls. Which is funny since I had never made one 18months ago! Totally addicted now of course.

    Your sock creatures made my day today. Just what I needed after a long week at work :)

    Have a great weekend.

    Dot xx

  3. P.S If you would ever like to do a one on one swap with me for one of my larger dolls I would love that! Would love to own one of your sock, love them!!

  4. pick me, pick me, pick me , he he :) congrats on 50 posts on your blog, love the sock creatures!!

  5. Your sock creatures are ace, Gina! They brought a smile to my face Sorry but I'm rubbish at names. I like the pink one, she's cute!
    Congratulations on your 50th post. Where did the time go? I am hoping to make some of these dotee dolls for a swap on FAT. If I manage it maybe we could swap sometime. Take care and don't overdo the work. x

  6. Love the site Gina. You are so inspirational that after 10 years i have picked up my knitting needles again and i am knitting a pair of socks.Your posts brighten my day i check your site everyday in the office.It is usually the only place i get to sit still long enough to read it.
    Hope you had a good weekend all the best Angela

  7. Love the sock creatures. Congrats on 5oth post. Your Dotee doll is sweet.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your nice comment on the circles.

  8. Hi Gina, Congratulations on your 50th. I love your blog, it provides me with lots of inspiration and your quirky creations make me smile a lot. I just love your sock creatures and the Dotee doll. How about "Hugs" for the first blue one.
    Best wishes Lesley

  9. Mr Sock felt at last he had a family to call his own and was disappointed to think that John, Paul, George and Ringo may be offloaded at a craft fair. Mr Sock has now been reassured that other family members will follow and he will never be short of relations. Mr Sock is now in a quandry: should he prepare for a big Christmas gathering, or for his upcoming photoshoot, now that the apparatus is back in use? Or should Mr Sock encourage his custodian to seek gainful employment rather more immediately?

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