Thursday, 7 December 2017

Advent 2017 :: Day 7

How on earth did I get to the age I am without a pompom maker?

So much easier and quicker than the old circles of cardboard... why didn't anyone tell me!

I can see lots of pompoms in my life now... come back tomorrow to see what I've done with them!


  1. Bought some recently to amuse granddaughter - who regards it as some kind of magic. Big improvement on cardboard circles! Have also got one that makes several at once, but haven't tried that yet...

  2. I've still got simple snap together ones from a 60s childhood kit (Spears?). But all you really need is a couple of toilet roll tubes - look it up!

    1. Was it a kit called Pom-pom Pets? I remember I loved this one Christmas. Some of the plastic shapes were oval shaped, so you could make duck bodies. I loved mine, as I was a creative child.

  3. Sounds as if you are having fun.

  4. Aren't they great!! Whilst visiting my friend on the brain injury unit earlier in the year I got making some of these pompoms with some of the patients (or should I say clients). It was a very therapeutic and restful activity with a lovely colourful wooly outcome. Have a great day Gina... blooming marmalade still work in progress.... just why did 6kg Seville's seem a bright idea! x

  5. And so, another small but still worthwhile new thing to put on your 60 x 60 list?
    Looks like fun!
    Sandy in Bracknell

  6. I seem to remember that Pam did, some time ago at a knitting session ...

  7. Well,I hope I can actually comment today - my Magic software has bounced me off the last few days! Love the navy icing - very modern looking.
    I love the pompom maker, hadn't seen that before so I have gone a lot longer than you without discovering that fun. Are you counting this as part of your 60 x 60?


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