Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Advent 2017 :: Day 20

Five more days of advent posts to go and as Christmas Day looms closer so these posts get shorter!

We are now into last minute gifts and Christmas baking (our cake is in the oven as I type... won't be very mature but I doubt anyone will notice)

But for now I bring you a little jar of Clementine Curd. I would share the recipe but I couldn't find the one I usually use so I sort of made it up. Not entirely sure how successful it was though... at least it looks festive!


  1. I made lemon curd just the other day for the very first time. Didn’t realise how easy it was. Clementine curd sounds delicious! B x

  2. Clementine curd sounds divine, I'm a huge fan of all things citrus. CJ xx

  3. Your clementine curd sounds delicious - I love lemon curd and could eat it off a spoon! I am having such a lazy Christmas this year - invited out for both days - nothing to do but turn up with a gift for my hosts.

  4. It looks very festive!
    As for cake I'm just about to bake mine (a vegan one)!

  5. Clementine curd sounds wonderful ... and looks very pretty too!

  6. That looks delicious and beautifully presented. I am really enjoying your daily advent posts and look forward to them each morning. Short and sweet works for me!


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