Thursday, 31 March 2011

Beautiful Stitches

A few weeks ago I showed this rather loud cushion that I'd made as a sample for a class. The class is a machine embroidery group who meet every week on a Tuesday afternoon at The Letchworth Settlement. I've been teaching the class for the past three years and some of the ladies have been with me since the beginning, some for only the past year, some come, some go, some are beginners and some are very experienced stitchers. It is a lovely relaxed class where students can work at their own pace.
The cushion was made to demonstrate the range of stitches that can be achieved with machine embroidery and the class spent several weeks trying out the various techniques to get them as perfect as they could. Then using silk fabrics and applique they had to choose their own projects to demonstrate their stitching skills. Not everyone finished by the end of term but here are those who did...

Margaret made a gorgeous casket.

Jenny made a box to hold fabric postcards.

Jan made this luxurious silk wrap, where the detail on the reverse was as beautiful as the front.

Thelma made a luxurious velvet scarf.

And almost but not quite finished, Jean made a beautiful little purse.

I'm sure you'll agree, they are all absolutely gorgeous. We don't meet in the summer term - holidays and gardens take priority - but we will be back at the Settlement from September... with a couple of vacancies should you wish to join us. Beginners most welcome!


  1. Stunning work from all your ladies, Gina. How I WISH I could join you. Perhaps if you're still running it in a few years' time ...

  2. Absolutely beautiful work!!
    Vivienne x

  3. What wonderful work - very inspirational. You must be a very proud tutor!

  4. stunning work Gina. what clever, talented ladies. you must be so proud. yet again, I wish I lived nearer!!!

  5. Your Settlement Group sounds lovely and what gorgeous work they produce. How much nicer to have an item which can be used as well as displaying the techniques learned, rather than just having samples in a book.

  6. I always love how the same stitches turn into such different work by a group of people. These items are beautiful Gina - do you think Jenny could sell hers to one of the Postman's Knock gang? It would save having to make one to house all our postcards in! That purse is also going to be wonderful when it is finished. Your enjoyment of working with this group shines through. Lesley x

  7. Gorgeous, I particularly love the dark red scarf, so rich.
    twiggy x

  8. sounds like my kinda class!!!



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