Saturday, 2 April 2011

Postman's Knock

A while ago I mentioned that I was taking part in a postcard swap... well the swapping has begun! There are twelve bloggers taking part and every other Friday we have to send a postcard to the next person on the list until we all will have sent and received eleven postcards. We each have a chosen theme and we have to make our postcards, using any media we choose, to the recipients theme.

My first postcard was for Cathy whose theme is "Tea"... and this is what I made for her. An embroidered teacup on an Alice in Wonderland collaged background.

My theme is "Concealment and Revelation" and this is what arrived in the post for me this morning from Jane. A collaged paper jungle scene...

But when you pull back the vegetation, look what is revealed.

This rather wonderful tiger.

And on the reverse, the poem by William Blake. Thank you Jane, it's lovely! I can't wait for the next swap!

You can see pictures of the other postcards on the Postman's Knock blog.


  1. What a great idea.Do you all have to make your card?

  2. Great idea! Two very cleverly made postcards. It must be fun seeing how everyone interprets your chosen theme.
    Vivienne x

  3. As the lucky recipient of this card, Gina's readers/followers need to know JUST how gorgeous it is........ It arrived by post at breakfast. I had visitors and we were all spellbound by Gina's talent. Thank you.

  4. That is so clever and beautiful! I'm very intrigued by the background...

  5. What a lovely idea - what do you plan on doing with your postcards once you have received them all? Lucy x

  6. What a lovely idea. The postcards are superb.

  7. You've managed to get much better photos of the tiger than I did before I posted him off, Gina. I'm so glad you like him (confession here, I drew and coloured him first on card them photocopied him for the postcard so I still have the original!).
    I'm amazed at all our cards - so many good interpretations, can't wait for the next round.

  8. What a lovely idea - I look forward to seeing what you plan to do with them all once you have finished sending them.


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