Friday, 11 March 2011

The week started well...

I finished my essay
Well at least a first draft which was sent off to my tutor. Now I just wait for her response... or perhaps even an acknowledgment that she has received it... but I'm happy that the end of this module is in sight! It's been useful but very dry.

I made more cake.
This time a tried and trusted favourite recipe passed down from my Mum ... a fruit Harvo loaf.

Mix together 2 cups SR Flour, 1 cup sultanas, 3/4 cup sugar, 1tsp baking powder, 2 tblsp black treacle and a scant cup of milk. Stir everything together and bake in a loaf tin at 180 deg C for approx 1 hour.

Very easy, very tasty and very low fat... unless of course you eat it sliced and buttered like me!

I've joined in a postcard exchange...
because I haven't got enough to do I'm basically barmy... but I'm looking forward to exchanging postcards with eleven other bloggers and creating a little bit of work with no real pressure just for the fun of it. You can watch the progress of the swaps on this new blog.

I'm following a new blogger
When Gill and I attended the workshop with Jill Flower we were telling her all about blogging and encouraging her to start a blog... and she has! She's feeling a bit apprehensive about it so do go along and say hello... you can find her here.

And then today it all went downhill....

After a lovely evening out with friends last night, during which I drank nothing stronger than a lime and soda, I woke this morning with what felt like the most horrendous hangover*... pounding head and dodgy tummy... not a good start!

I then decided I would photograph the various stages in a technique for an article I'm writing to find that the Bondaweb I thought I'd bought on Wednesday was not in my bag. I turned my workroom upside down looking for bondaweb but there is not a scrap to be found. And now even if I found any the light has faded so the photos would be no good! Plus I've got to tidy my workroom, walk the dog and make dinner... and my head still hurts!

But never mind... it is the weekend and I don't have to go to work... so I'm not complaining. Hope you have a good one!

* Not that I know what a hangover feels like, of course ; )


  1. Poor you! I really feel for you. I hate it when I spend all my "productive" time looking for something that I know I've got somewhere but can't for the life of me FIND, only for the time to then vanish (and still no sign of the whatever) and suddenly it's time to tidy away my desk...and as my desk tends to overflow onto the dining table and into the kitchen, we can't eat until I tidy. And of course I have to do the cooking as well. And funnily enough, this is precisely the situation I find myself in right now! I hope you have a good weekend and feel better soon. Cake is good for sore tums, surely.

  2. Congrats on finishing your essay draft. The fruit loaf looks delicious and thankyou for sharing the recipe. I shall try it out. Just off to check out the postcard link and Jill Flowers' blog.

  3. It sounds horribly like a handing in essay induced bug to me ... Hope you feel better soon and enjoy a degree free weekend!

  4. sounds a bit like a migraine to me Gina. hope you feel better soon. I like how you resort to cooking whilst awaiting your essay results lol. I won't say good luck because I can't imagine you need it!

  5. Well done on finishing the essay Gina. I hope you feel much better tomorrow.

  6. Have a restful weekend Gina. :)
    Thanks for the recipe, I'm going to try that (I love treacle)!!
    Vivienne x

  7. Getting the essay off is always a good feeling, isn't it? I have had the house apart today looking for a piece of black and white ribbon that I KNOW is SOMEWHERE...........

  8. The cake sounds scrummy - best treatment for an under the weather feeling is a nice relax and a glass of wine - then I am certain the missing bondaweb will come to light!

  9. Poor you, that will be the lime then, My husband always swears its the black currant in the rum that causes his headaches. chuckle. all the best with the essay. Judie.

  10. Just a thimbleful....

    Poor you ! Just when you should have been feeling on top of the world with the essay finished. Ah well, nothing a slice of cake won't mend!
    By the way, you are not alone - I spend half my life looking for keys, papers etc. but in my case I put it down to anno domini!

  11. Hope you feel better soon Gina! Lucy xxx

  12. I'm going to try out that cake too Gina. Well done on getting your essay finished.

  13. ooh I hope your headache goes. That workshop sounded fun - I'd love to do some. The cake looks yummy !

  14. You're suffering from "essay hangover"! Well done for getting a draft out, hope it has good comments - I remember the awful wait when my OU essays got sent out into the big bad world!


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