Tuesday, 29 July 2008

So Exciting!

When a packet arrives with this written on the back, you just know it's going to be something exciting...

Inside there was a multicoloured parcel and chocolate... a good start... chocolate is exciting!

But nothing prepared me for the excitement of opening the parcel. Inside was my mini quilt from the very lovely, slightly mad but wonderful Lucy Locket. Mad... because she agreed to make so many quilts for her quilt swap but lovely and wonderful for making something so special for me. It has my dog Barley, with his birthday sausage and lots of bunting and I can't even begin to describe how amazing this is. It is very special and very precious, so Lucy Locket....


And look who it was designed by.... Daisy Locket.

So... THANK YOU Daisy too!

I feel very privileged indeed to receive this and it will be proudly displayed in my house for all to see! An added bonus was I got to have a lovely long chat with Mrs Locket today too!

On a slightly different note I was recently tagged by Jenny to do a "six random facts" post because apparently she is intrigued! Try as I might, so far I have only come up with two things which I will save for another time but meanwhile to satisfy your curiosity Jenny you can follow this link and it will take you back to when I did this once before... with seven random facts. Not very intriguing but it does have some embarrasing photos!


  1. What a nice parcel to recieve, if that had fallen through my letterbox I wouldn't of got the chocolate. The dog would have a mucky face though!.
    I think you should hang the quilt, make yourself a cup of tea open the chocolate sit back and admire.
    The quilt is such a lovely design well done Daisy and well done Lucy for her clear interpretation of the design. Lucky Gina.

  2. I'm so glad you like it! I really enjoyed making it for you and Daisy had great fun drawing it and choosing all the colours. Lucy x

  3. Now that really is an exciting parcel!! What a beautiful quilt and so cleverly drawn by Daisy Locket :)

    Off to follow that link now to your enbarassing photos!


  4. Yum! and a special quilt as well. Thank-you Gina for your welcome, I am afraid you are another blog I have lurked over. Also I have to confess at drooling over your website.And yes, I think I will be addicted to blogging.

  5. Gosh, that little quilt is lovely, what a talented lady! I looked at the photos, I think you are brave, I would never get up on stage!

  6. Impressive chocolate and a beautiful quilt. Daisy has made a beautiful design and the colours are lovely. Well done Lucy! And lucky Gina!

  7. That Barley quilt is magic. Mr P doesn't often get interested in the bloggy side of things but he loved Barley's birthday sausage and the Barley quilt just as much. Barley looks as though he has a des res there and what well-bred dog doesn't have bunting to decorate his home? Daisy and Lucy make a great crafty team.

    ...but Gina, those am-dram photos in your old post! Oh my giddy aunt! Saucy tights, wigs and fake boobs!?? Lordy! Did you sing as well? Did you get to keep the boobs? I was going to ask whether I borrow them but I don't really need them at the moment!!!

  8. wow!! this is so lovely, lucky you!

  9. Wow - that mini quilt from Locket is wonderful. She's a clever thing, isn't she?

    I followed your link to your embarrassing pictures ... fishnet tights, thighs and fake boobs! :-D That'll get you some interesting hits on your blog ;-) x

  10. Thank you for the link, I feel enlightened! Your quilt is lovely you lucky lady.

  11. It is hard to know what I would fight for most - the chocolate or that gorgeous little quilt .... ;-)

  12. chocolate and a quilt, doesn't get much better you lucky girl you! will now go and have a look at the link!

  13. Hi you! Take a quick look at my blog,I've Tagged you!
    x Vicky x

  14. That's a wonderful joint effort quilt by two of the Lockets. I especially like the bunting and the birtday sausage!

  15. Oh wow, what a gorgeous piece!


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