Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Seven Random Facts

I finished my commission today - a book jacket for a scrap booking album. I've made quite a few books and book jackets in the past but never one quite this large so it was a bit of a challenge. It was made by making a bonded sandwich of painted brown paper, painted bondaweb, painted Ivy leaves, sparkly snippets of fabric, another layer of bondaweb and finally a chiffon scarf. This was then heavily machine stitched in and around the leaves before constructing it into the jacket. For subscribers to Fibre and Stitch the method is the same as in my article that is in the current issue (Did you notice how I subtly slipped that in?)

This is a detail of the leaves and the stitching.

Because I haven't much else to post about, I thought I would take up the challenge from Lesley's post and write seven random things about myself. I thought it would be easy but it's not...

1. I was born in Hackney in the East End of London where I was brought up until I was five years old so I'm a real Cockney, although my mum tried to drum it out of me by making me have elocution lessons at school!

2. I was named Gina Maria which I think makes me sound a bit like an after dinner drink and despite the exotic sounding name you have to go back a long way to my paternal great grandfather before you find the Italian ancestry.

3. I have a pathalogical fear of spiders and once made my brother clear out my entire bedroom (and I mean clear out... it was emptied) after spotting a particularly big specimen. He never found it and three days later the big b****r was back again in the same spot!

4. I've run in the London Marathon... twice! The first time was in 1988 and the second time was in 1998 when I took 3 hours and 64 minutes ; ) I would have liked to have done it again in 2008 but my running days are over due to dodgy knees.

5. I used to be a Maths teacher in a past life many years ago (pre children)

6. I hate making phone calls.

7. Since moving to our village nearly 18 years ago I've been involved in Amateur Dramatics despite having no previous experience. At first I helped out with the costumes and scenery painting and swore blind I would never ever go on stage. It is a foolish thing to say never ever as these photos testify! You'll be relieved to know that the fish net tights have been retired and my thigh slapping Pantomime days are over!

The Artful Dodger in a Pantomime version of Oliver called Tale with a Twist, written by one of our members.

Colin, in Mother Goose

And Nurse Nora in another home written Panto...
Tarzan, the Pantomime

I would like to point out that is fake hair and fake boobs in the last picture! So there you have it, seven random things about me! The other thing of couse is that I'm very good at distracting myself from what I should really be doing... and that is finishing off my Opus module for this semester. Better go....


  1. Your album is lovely Gina. I have yet to try out your method from F & S.
    Woo hoo!! Go girl! Look at those legs! My Dad's family came from the East End of London but he had left there by the time he met my Mum. I admire you for running the London Marathon - that's quite an achievment!
    Will your Opus work be included in the exhibition that will be on in London next February? (Overlay)

  2. lol Julie that's what I thought"" blimey legs babe legs! (would I pass as a builder?)

    The album is lovely.

  3. Hi Gina
    What a lovely interesting selection of random facts. I'm exactly the same about spiders, I once found a great big dead one in my bed!!
    Love the album , the stitching round the leaves is great.
    Thanks for you comments on my blog.

  4. As I sit at my desk, I am SURROUNDED by art, craft and needlework materials and equipment. Every square inch of surface and floor space is covered with sewing machines, fabric, notions and oddments. The only clear area is the kitchen worktops - because "Cooking -never,sewing forever!" is certainly my lovely wife's mantra.
    If there is such a thing as a sewing widower - it's me!
    I've got man flu this evening, so Angela has gone to the panto with her parents, parents in law and three young nieces and nephews. I bet she will want a days sewing tomorrow to recover....

  5. Nice legs! Love the book, amazing what people have done in their past life.

  6. Gina the album cover is lovely your client will be thrilled.Now you have had an article F&S will we be seeing a book soon?
    Congratulations on your achievements in the London marathon.

  7. "Admin" I've just realised who you are... !
    Now you didn't really expect sympathy here did you???
    G ;)

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  9. Hi Gina. If I knew how to change my log-in I would but yes, it's me!

  10. Thanks for the support Gina.

  11. Great facts Gina and I love the way you slipped in the reference to your magazine article - way to go girl! Lucy x

  12. I love your album cover and am most impressed that you have an article in F&S!!!
    I love your random facts too. Wow - the London marathon - twice!
    Great legs missus!! Not everyone can carry off fishnets (me included) but you make a very saucy Dodger!!
    I'd have helped you with the spider. I shared a house with three strapping lads at uni and had to rescue them every time a spider appeared!
    Lesley xx

  13. what a lovely album...and thanks for sharing your randoms...Warmly Barbara

  14. I ended up here by mistake! But it felt a bit weird when I read your list of random things as it felt a bit as if it could be mine - I am also called Gina (but shhh don't tell anyone I am meant to be anonymous here!), I am petrified of spiders, hate making phone calls and I run. I can't act for toffee though and I am about as creative as a - um, well, a man I suppose!!

    Anyway, just thought I would say hello since it is not every day that I meet another Gina.

  15. Hi Gina
    Bit of a weird question, but do you still have a copy of your 'Tarzan the Panto' script, or could you put us in touch with someone who does?
    We are looking for a script for our Jan 2009 production (amateur) and would love to do something original.
    Thanks in advance for any info.
    Martyn Blagden


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