Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Gifts and Another Birthday

One way or another I've recieved lots of good things lately so thought it was time I mentioned them. First of all, Vicky gave me this Brillante Weblog award. Thank you Vicky - it's always very flattering to get awards as I still find it somewhat incredible that anyone actual reads this ramble. Of course there are rules... post the logo, (done it) link to the sender, ( done it) and the inevitable pass it on to seven other blogs. But I just can't do that because I read so many which are all brilliant and brighten up my day and I would worry about who I was leaving out. So I'm opting out and passing it on to you all!

Also last week I received a belated birthday gift from my friend Diana who has been in Iceland visiting her son... these amazing little knitted mittens. That's a 5p coin beside them to show just how small they are. I think they are fanatastic - they appeal to my sense of the ridiculous!

Next up a gift to myself... I've recently discovered another lovely blog... Contemporary Embroidery. Karen makes the most exquisite hand embroidered silk cloths and I couldn't resist treating myself to this pin cushion from her etsy shop. She also sent two beautifully embroidered buttons. It makes me want to knit or sew something just to use the buttons.

But my biggest surprise of all this week came from Dot. We got to know each other quite a while back when Dot asked would I like to swap a sock creature for one of her dolls. Sock creature Sally Splatt went to live in Australia and I received Esmerelda, in return. We exchanged emails etc and as a result I sent a small parcel over for Dot's niece Phoebe who has similar problems to Jacob. I certainly didn't expect anything in return so imagine my delight and surprise when a parcel arrived on Saturday absolutely full of gifts. There was this beautifully stitched doll with two more smaller dolls in her pocket.

Also this hanging bird covered with stitch and beads and sequins - the detail is amazing.

And nestling on its back is another little doll.

As if that wasn't enough Dot also sent this wonderful stash of fabrics plus beads and buttons which I will put to good use. Thank you Dot - you are a kind and generous person - this was a lovely surprise to receive.

The last thing isn't really a gift but home grown veg always feel like a bonus! My purple podded peas (seeds from Celia) are ready to pick.

And this is the result... aren't they fabulous. I love the colours together... and they tasted pretty good too... steamed with broad beans and courgettes for dinner last night.

Did I mention a another birthday... oh yes... my blog is one year old today! I could get all philisophical and reflective at this stage but I'll spare you as I think I've written enough for one night! Sadly, no cake!


  1. Happy Blogoversary Gina! Mine was on 5th July and I entirely forgot about it - whoops.

    What a lovely bundle of stuff you received there - such pretty things, and the fabric had me drooling.

    I'm off to look at bloggers you linked to - I don't think I know them. Thanks for that - it's always lovely to 'meet' new people.

    Take care. x

  2. Wow, you have been very lucky with the postie lately! All your goodies are gorgeous :)

  3. Happy Bloggiversary to you!!

    Your goodies from Dot are beautiful - I love her little dolls with all their lovely beading :)

    You really should make some purple podded peas. My aunt made a fab wallhanging called 'Pods' with very similar peas to those.


  4. Happy Bloggy-versary Gina! I'm so glad our paths crossed and we became friends! Isn't blogland a wonderful place?

    What lovely gifts from Dot - the detail on your dolls and bird are incredible!

    Lucy xxx

  5. Happy blogversary gina! I missed mine too, back in June!

    Thank you for the link to Vicky's blog - isn't she delightful? I've added her to my bloglines. her carboot finds are amazing. Lovely lady.

    Beautiful gifts from Dot. She's another generous and warm lady.

  6. What lovely gifts, fab fabrics, I spy some Kaffe Fassetts there.
    Will have to try some purple podded peas, we had a few green podded ones, some potatoes and runner beans from our garden tonight, they taste extra special when you've grown them yourself
    Maria X

  7. Happy Blogaversary!
    The peas look just as good as a cake. Fresh veggies is such a treat.

  8. Happy Birthday, Gina's Blog!

    I think you must have been bribing the postie with cake or something - such lovely parcels!

  9. Hi Gina - Happy Blog Birthday!

    The peas look fantastic - I love seeing all the Purple Podded Peas from my saved seeds being grown all over the country - seed distribution! It's nearly time to collect and dry all the seeds for next year - and this year I have 4 varieties of peas with purple pods!

    What a delightful round-up of lovely things. I discovered Contemporary Embroidery's Etsy shop recently and her blog - beautiful stitching! I'll have to explore Vicky's blog now - this meandering around the blogosphere is addictive!


  10. Happy blog birthday! As one of the first I read I have to thank you and Celia for getting me hooked on the whole thing.

    That beading and embroidery is wonderful - what gorgeous parcels.

    The colours of the ppp really are beautiful aren't they? I think I might try and make some enamelled ones.

  11. Happy Blogiversary!
    Gorgeous colours together, lime and purple,we had some red onions in the veggie crock which had grown bright green shoots..I nearly took a pic but I thought it proved what a slob I am that I hadn't cleared out the veg crock.

  12. Beautiful work on them thar embroideries Missus. Happy Bloggiversary.

  13. Happy Blog Birthday to you!

  14. Hi Gina, so pleased you are happy with the pincushion. I hadn't reaslised until now that it was you who bought it!!

  15. Hi you, great post! -all those wonderful crafty things, there are some really talented girls out there! And the peas look Fab! I must try some next year, the colour is amazing!
    X Vicky X

  16. happy blogoversary Gina, and what a lucky girl you are and how lovely is your friend, they are beautiful gifts and extra special when they have been made just for you.
    i too am off to have a wander round the blogoverse and marvel at other people's creations.

  17. Happy Blogaversary Gina! Am so glad you started blogging as you bring lots of life and color to our lives. I love visiting and seeing what you have been up to.

    So pleased you have received lovely gifts. And liked the ones I sent to you. I think you are a beautiful and generous person and I know you weren't expecting anything in return for Phoebe's gift. Which made me want to send you something! Thanks for the lovely things you wrote about me.

    Have a great weekend.

    Dot xx

  18. Happy blog birthday. Wow, purple podded peas from Celia -- lucky you!!

    Those mittens too are adorable are they not? I hope the studying is going well. Drat, what a way to spend the summer of all times.

    Isn't blogging great when you get involved with these swaps? I've thoroughly been enjoying photo swaps and a homemade soap swap too. Gotta love the blog world.

    Happy summer, despite the studying.


  19. What a lovely gift you got, aren't people so generous :-)


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