Thursday, 17 July 2008


The gooseberry ice cream!

A match for Haagen Daas any day!


  1. Careful! You are in serious danger of turning into Jane Brocket!
    That looks just FAB U LOUS!

  2. You're just luring people into your studio!!!!!

    I hope the sock creatures have left you some chilled white wine in the fridge.

    Hears to another successful weekend!

  3. You are just getting too clever now, that looks so yummy.

  4. Oh wow - that looks good! x

  5. I just scored a bag of gooseberries from a friend - I might have to pester you for the ice cream recipe tomorrow!

  6. Hi, just love your jam pot covers! what a wonderful idea, they would add that extra something to a yummy pot of homemade jam to give as a present.
    Take a look at my blog, there is an Award awaiting you.
    x Vicky x

  7. Yummy! Could I have the recipe too please?

  8. That ice cream looks delish and so do your jam and fool - I bet the smells in your kitchen were amazing!

    Aren't soft fruits beautiful? I was picking some redcurrants at my parents' house today and they are like tiny jewels - I don't think I had ever really appreciated them before.

    Lucy x

  9. Yummy yum! I am glad the open house went well, are there any things left to go in your shop? I did like the look of the creatures!

  10. this looks delicious and how clever to create it from that fool you made.


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