Wednesday, 9 July 2008

I think they're breeding....

They are certainly turning up all over the place... Horatio has been helping himself to our toast!

Delilah van Razzchoc and Blinky have been caught reading in bed...

Tallulah has been hogging the paper over breakfast....

Ferraro has been trying to use the shower...
but fortunately hasn't worked out how to turn it on.

Lydia has been flower arranging.

Spotty Spice!
Keep away from my sewing machine...

Okay Millie Boggle.... gone too far...
Hands off my wine!

I do believe they are all distance relatives of Miss Choc a Spots and they have all turned up ready for this weekend (12/13 July) and next (19/20July) when I'm opening my house for Cambridge Open Studios. This annual event takes place every July when artists all over Cambridgeshire open their studios to the public. As well as my "grown up" work I like to have smaller items for sale - hence the sock creatures! Meanwhile I'd better get back to the task of hanging pictures and attempting to make my house look presentable to the public...


  1. Oh dear me! Those sock creatures need to be put to work. do you think perhaps a few of them could overturn a larger one, soak the floor and use said larger one to scrub the kitchen tles? This would be one less job for you to organise, surely?

    Good luck for your Cambridge Artists Home Invasion Brigade.

  2. Gina you are brave, opening your house to people you don't know.

    I would have to spring clean for a week before I let anyone come into my house!

    Hope it goes well


  3. Breeding and mutating! How funny these little creatures are!

  4. Hoping for decent weather, and a gap in our proceedings to come and spy on your studio!

  5. A week? I wouldn't be ready in a month!!! Good luck with the Open Studios Gina.

    I think Tallula really suits her name btw.

  6. Really hoping to make it over to see you and your woolly friends some time over the next two weekends. Love the colours of these sock creatures, although Spotty Spice's manners don't look too hot!

  7. Well, I hope that those sock creatures are helping you with the housework. Stealing the wine is totally out of order. (Mind you, I have to say that Delilah Van Razzchock sounds like a real goodtime girl's name).

    Hope the Open Studio goes brilliantly.

  8. Good luck Gina! Sorry I can't come to visit you and your glamorous assistants - but I'll be waiting for visitors here too.

    I'm sure it all looks fantastic!

  9. Fabulous sock lovelies! I especially like Millie Boggle - she's adorable. You need to keep a close eye on those creatures - look what happened here with two monkeys when I wasn't looking :-O

    Good luck with it all - I'm sure you'll do brilliantly. x

  10. I've read about this concept on Celia's blog and think it's a fab idea. I love how you told a wee story with your 'characters'!

  11. Aww! You have been busy. All the socklings look fantastic :) Wish I was in the Cambridgeshire area to pop in and have a feel of them all.
    A belated Happy Birthday too! I hope I look that amazing in a plastic bag dress and fishnets when I'm 51 :D

  12. Oh they are fab Gina!!! Great names too - will you sell them with their names attached? I think it would be a good touch!

    Really good luck with the open studio - Monda says she would have to spring clean for a week before she could let people in - make it more like 3 months for me!

    Lucy x

  13. good luck with your open day - i must admit i would have to spend the entire week before cleaning!

    your sock buddies are cute - maybe they could keep an eye on your visitors!

  14. They are so great! I hope the house opening goes well.

  15. you've opened your real life house? Blimey. There'll be people asking to use your loo jut to have a nose through your bathroom cabinet. Don't leave them unattended...and keep an eye on the silver ;)
    Have you had a mental cleaning spree or are you naturally tidier than me?

  16. Oh my word - they're all lovely and we want them all here!!!!!

    ...except for the wine nicking one...


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