Sunday, 6 July 2008

This comes with a warning....

... and those with a sensitive disposition may wish to avert their eyes.
But I'm not entirely responsible.
Several of you did request to see this.
And because it is my birthday.
And because I've reached the grand age of 51.
For this one day only...
I give you me in the orange dress!!!

I even put on the tarty shoes!

But that's enough of that nonsense.
Back to the serious business of cake.
Nothing sophisticated for me.
No cheesecake or strawberries and cream.
Good old chocolate cake with Maltesers.

This is the last of the birthdays for a few months.
Normal service will be resumed next week.
Might even get some sewing done.
Look out for the spiders!


  1. Happy Birthday Gina !! you look great in the dress and shoes.
    Cake looks yummy!!

  2. Happy Birthday Gina!!! and have a great day.


  3. Brilliant, fantastic, it's art at it's best, you look great. The tarty shoes and stockings make the outfit, I'm saving that photo!!!!!!Happy birthday. That is one cool cake.

  4. Fan-flipping-tastic Gina! You look amazing in your amazing dress! Happy Birthday!!!!! Love your cake too!

    Lucy xxx

  5. Happy birthday.
    I can feel the pounds increasing just looking at that cake. They do have less fattening centres though so enjoy.

  6. A fine day to kick your heels up!

    Happy birthday.

  7. You look spectacular- love the saucy tights and shoes!

    That cake looks delicious! I could do with a slice!

    Hope you have a fantastic day


  8. You look fabulous in your birthday suit Missus!! ;-) and that cake looks nearly as terrific but NOTHING competes with those shoes!

  9. Fab fab fab..but it will there for more than one day!

  10. You're certainly wearing well for an old lady of 51 *LOL*
    You look fabulous in that dress - what did your boys think?
    Have a very happy birthday and enjoy your cake :)

  11. Oh fantastic!! Happy birthday to you too (it's mine next week, hope someone makes me a malteser cake!)

  12. a very happy birthday - you look great! i must say that the shoes and tights make the outfit a wow!

  13. *Wolf whistles loudly* I think the tarty shoes set it off perfectly (and you have lovely legs).

    Hope you've had a very, very, very happy birthday. The cake looks fab - my smalls have just drooled over the keyboard from viewing it!


  14. Happy Birthday Gina!
    You look great and so does the cake!

  15. Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you've had a great day with some serious pampering :o)) The dress looks stunning! Malteser cake! Now that is serious chocolate cake too. I love Maltesers!

  16. Happy Birthday Gina!!! Welcome to 51 - I got there in March!

    And thank you for being so brave and for being so you (?) - I was one of those who requested you to model the this fabulous dress yourself.............. Absolutely Fabulous!!

  17. Happy birthday! You look great and I hope I look as good when I am 51. Have a lovely day! x

  18. Oh wow!!! How amazing are you:) wishing you a very very happy birthday ~ Judy xx

  19. whoooooo!!!!! You look brilliant!!!!
    Happy Birthday Gina x

  20. Happy birthday Gina! You are stunning in your dress (and sexy go girl).

    You look very youthful - and your lovely and lively personality just shines!

  21. Happy Birthday to you!!!!

    You look gorgeous in your dress and killer heels!

    Mmmmmm- I think your birthday cake is the best so far.

    Hope you had a fab day :)


  22. Dear Miss Whiplash

    Those shoes, those tights... I daren't show Steve. Just one teensy observation - orange is supposed to be the fake tan, not the colour of your frock...

    Hope it was a good day.

    Love from

    A Rachnaphobe.

  23. Blimey! I am more than impressed that you can fit into the dress, because I saw how small it was!

    Mind you, if you keep making cakes like that it might not fit any more ;-)

    The happiest of birthdays. I hope you had a well deserved fantastic day.

  24. You look fantastic, and those shoes wow! Happy Birthday Gina, your cake looks sooooooo yummy Jane x

  25. Oh no, I missed it! But... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, anyway :o) Hope you had a fabulous one - you certainly look fabulous in your amazing dress.

    And that cake looks sooooo yummy :o)

  26. May every single day of your life be wonderful like this day,your birthday.Wish you a great one!Though belated.

  27. Wow! you go girl!!! What a fantastic outfit! Just found you - great blog - I will be back for more!
    X Vicky x

  28. A belated very happy birthday! The outfit looks great and that's always a favourite cake in our house (sometimes flakes and buttons too)!

  29. Happy birthday Gina - hope I look as good as that when I'm 51! :) nice cake, too...

  30. Happy Belated birthday!!! You look GREAT in the orange dress and I seriously LOVE those shoes ... xx

  31. Happy birthday! You look gorgeous! And those shoes, congratulations on getting into them (my big feet can only dream)! Have a great open house, that sound like a great event!

  32. Absolutely FABtastic!

    Happy Birthday Gina and I hope that it is great year for you.

  33. Oh man! How come I never find anything that glam in my Sainsburys carrier?!

    Belated birthday greetings - sorry, I seem to be late with everything these days.


    ps. The cake looks divine!

  34. Happy Birthday!!!! You looks so happy on the photo - and this is the main thing (I still love your orange dress:)))

    Hugs from Hungary, Europe


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