Thursday, 3 July 2008

Nature Watch

We have beautiful giant poppies growing up against our garage wall.

My purple podded peas that I got from Celia have finally flowered...

and have started to produce purple pods!

There is a family of kestrels on our village conservation area with three young birds

All around the field behind our house are cherry trees which are laden with almost ripe cherries

And in my handbag...
there are spiders!

An explanation...
Yesterday I had a wonderful day in London - visits to Tate Modern, Tate Britain and the Royal Academy. I then met my friend Jude (author of many a wry and cryptic comment on this blog!) and we went to the Opus degree show before heading off to our favourite restaurant for dinner. During our meal Jude presented me with a package containing my birthday present of some rather lovely leaf shaped beads... and some spider shaped beads... completely oblivious to my pathalogical fear of spiders!!!!
I remained remarkably calm under the circumstances but made Stewart empty my bag when I got home!

Run spiders... run!

I'm after you....

Actually they are quite cute... and apparently were selected for the superior quality of their eyes. Any suggestions how I might use them????

On a completely different note ... Vicious Chicken is doing something fantastic which involves walking around Bristol in her underwear and WorkingMomKnits is doing something fantastic to support her... so do stop by and take a look if you haven't already done so!


  1. The quality of those eyes is that they are very expressive and that one at the bottom is TERRIFIED! You should perhaps feel just a little shame scaring the wee defenceless arachnid. Perhaps a web type construction with them dotted around?

  2. I love those leaf beads and what a fun day out in London!

    Great to see that the PPPs are doing well.


  3. Oh those poor little spiders!!! Just be nice to them ok? Lucy x

  4. Just found you via Silverpebble - what a nice interesting Blog! I use to do something similar with childrens workshops, just loved the bunting!
    Poppies seen to be so stunning this year, I do so love them!
    I will be back for more!
    X Vicky x

  5. I love your little spiders and rather like Trashy's web idea for them!

    Those poppies and purple-podded peas are gorgeous!!

  6. I never though I'd say this, but those are cute spiders!

    And I do like the purple podded peas, oh yes indeedy.

  7. I love those beads, I have never seen any as nice as that!

  8. Beautiful photos. We have poppies just like that! The PPPs are really delicious - you'll enjoy them.

    Maybe a web made similarly to a dreamcatcher as part of a workshop - then attach spiders?

    Doesn't look as though they'd last that long though!

  9. Hi Gina thankyou for your lovely comment ~ the workshop with Gwen really did me good.

    What a wonderful day to have - I would love to do those visits and the opus degree show would be wonderful to see.

    I love the poppies youve grown ~ I would love to draw them do you know their name? I could get some for next year they might grow up in Scotland (if its sheltered)!

    off to visit the Vicious Chicken now ~ Judy x

  10. I quite like them. Why don't you find some spiderweb fabric, quilt it and stitch them on it as a return gift for your friend.

  11. You could exact revenge by building a spider shaped firework with extra cordite...

  12. Awwww, they are cute, as spiders go! And I love the leaf beads! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

    The purple podded pea flowers are gorgeous, and as for the poppies - well, you can't beat poppies, can you?

  13. CUTE spiders - never thought i'd hear myself say that!! and the leaves are lovely too .. hmmm spiders could be saved for a Halloween something? x


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