Monday, 9 June 2008

And the winners are....

... but first of all a prize! This is McFly, a bird of unknown species. Choosing a name from all the brilliant suggestions (I knew you were all a creative bunch) proved to be very difficult and in fact I didn't really choose one. Well... I did... but I've changed it a bit! And when I asked Stewart which name he liked, he chose the same one... and he changed it a bit too. So quite independendly we both came up with "Miss Choc a Spots"

So McFly is on his way to Angela (no blog... we are still waiting Angela!) who suggested Choc a Lots. So here is Miss Choc a Spots who could have just as easily been Milly Boggle, Tallulah, Spotty Spice, Ferraro, Blinkey, Delilah Van Razzchoc, Horatio or Lydia which were all on my (rather long) short list. My task now is to make a sock creature to go with each of these names. (Sorry Jude... Creatures made from Y-Fronts just don't have the same appeal!)

Next job was to write out names on slips of paper... nothing high tech here...

Folded up and into the hat...

Being on my own in the house I wasn't sure who I could ask to make the draw...
but help was at hand...
Miss Choc a Spots of course!

Ooops... a bit too enthusiastic I fear...

And the winner is....

I think Emma might be a little preoccupied at the moment as the new baby sounded imminent on Sunday so let's hope this is a nice surprise.
Thank you for taking part and for all the great suggestions for names. Thank you too for everyone who has sent messages to Ben. He's still not very comfortable but much better than Saturday night.


  1. Hooray! Well done to Angela and Emma- I'm sure Miss Choc a Spots will love her new home :)

    Glad to hear Ben was feeling good enough to go to work and hope he doesn't have to wait too long for a scan.

    p.s. McFly the bird is beautiful!

  2. Congratulations to Angela and Emma. I keep thinking about Emma and wondering if the new baby has made her appearance yet!

    Glad to see Ben is feeling a bit better.


  3. Miss Choc a Spots is definitely the best possible name!!! Congratulations to Angela and to Emma too - but I'm not sure whether the congratulations are for winning or having a new baby - I suppose we'll just have to wait and see!

    Lucy x

  4. Thats a great name! Well done Silverpebble.

  5. Thankyou Gina, I look forward to meeting McFly. Well done to Emma. I can't wait to see your next creations to match the names.
    I'm glad Ben is feeling a little better.

  6. Blimey - I won a prize! Thankyou SO much Gina - she's extremely glamorous and I know there will be a couple of other ladies very keen on her in the pebble household too (hopefully not copying her bottom tattoo TOO early on though). I won a different prize yesterday so feeling very lucky indeed!

  7. Congrats to Angela and Emma!

    And scary stuff with Ben; hopefully they can sort hom out sooner rather than later - stones of all descriptions sound utterly excruciating.

  8. Congratulations Angela! Great name!

    I love the bird too. I have these birds on my to do list. Glad to hear ben is a little better. Hope they don't take too long to sort him out.

  9. i love the name miss choc a spots!, fab!, the bird is lovely too, i have a real thing for birds at the moment!

  10. Miss Choc a spots is lovely.
    I cannot believe how amazing your Orange 'bag' dress is on earlier posts. You are a very clever lady.
    Oh and I love McFly (the bird - although actually the bad too!)

  11. well done winners!!! Fabulous name, and very fitting!

  12. Great big well done to Angela and Emma! Emma really will have her hands full with her beautiful new baby and Miss Choc a Spots!!


  13. hi, loved the bird, and the winning name is just perfect.
    thanks for your comments - have been reading your blog and i think your cake looks fantastic! hope you enjoy the fudge cake when you've made it!
    hope all is well soon with Ben.

  14. Love the name for your wonderful sock lovely! I think Miss Choc a Spots is perfect!

    Your little McFly birdie made me smile - and of course I love the fabrics :)

    Hope Ben is on the mend. I am keeping him in my thoughts.

    Much love

    Dot xx

  15. P.S The photo's made me laugh out loud he hee..


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