Saturday, 31 May 2008

What a lot of fun!

I've spent today in John Lewis in Cambridge running a flag making workshop for children... this is the calm before the storm.

My first customer was six year old Amelia, who made this stunning stripey flag.

She was rapidly followed by a constant stream of children who drew all sorts of beautiful things from these racing cars, amazingly drawn by a three year old...

More stripes...




and of course, flags!

It was also lovely to see the young Miss Dotty Cookies as well as little Miss Pebble. These are the Dotty Cookie flags - This beautiful richly coloured pattern (work in progress)...

And this fabulous person (not sure who it was meant to be!) Pretty good for a five and three year old!

In all about a hundred flags were made which I've now got to iron to set the fabric crayons and then stitch onto tape to make bunting. Guess what I'm doing tomorrow!
The Sainsburys dress has been delivered... just! Stewart dropped me off at JL and then had half hour to kill in Cambridge before the shop opened and he could deliver the dress for me... between 10am and 12 noon. He came back to meet me for lunch. "Everything okay with the dress?" I enquired... he went a deathly pale and then rapidly disappeared and apparently broke the land speed record down St Andrew's Street (carrying a rather conspicuous orange dress!) Fortunately the shop was still open and he has been forgiven but the poor man has exhausted himself and is having to lie down to recover!


  1. Oh MG!! I bet you could have murdered him for a minute! Lovely happy drawings from the kids! Looks like ou had a fun day, bet you were knackered!

  2. Those flags look gorgeous! Poor Stewart must have been in a state!!!

  3. Argh, can't believe we missed Emma!

    A hundred flags? Good grief, I hope your iron is good and hot.

    My girls had such a lovely time,amd we went off in search of the pastels (because, obviously, I couldn't just take your word for it that they were out of stock!)

  4. Thanks so much Gina, Miss P had a lovely time making her flag and so did monkey. Monkey was especially honoured to be the subject of a GF original flag! V sad to have missed all the dottycookie ladies.

  5. I'm sure your DH was very upset that he had forgotten to deliver his important package. Poor man!
    Isn't it wonderful watching children drawing? Their work is so simple and to the point. They just draw the important parts very quickly and hey presto, a masterpiece!

  6. OMG indeed! Poor poor Stewart. I can hear his jaw hitting the floor from here! lol So glad he got there in time.

    Wow! You were busy! The flags look great and the children obviously enjoyed themselves.

  7. Oh wow - don't those flags look lovely - I bet they had a great time doing it too. Would it be ok if I tucked that idea away for a future school fayre?


  8. not only did he get the dress there in time: it was one of only two that has made it into the window to attract the attention of passersby...


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