Thursday, 1 May 2008

Samples and Sam!

We had a good Zigzag meeting yesterday and it was great to see everyone again - I've not been to a meeting since January as the February meeting was the week Jacob was in hospital and there wasn't a meeting in March so it has felt like a very long time. Stupidly I forgot my camera so you'll have to put up with a couple more pics of my combined machine and hand stitch samples. Again these are very small and are on the front of cards. I'll try to remember my camera next time we all meet which will be in June.

Other samples made this week have been for my weekend class at Missenden Abbey. I'll be teaching Machined Textures again but this is the second weekend of two so there will be a slightly different emphasis. The first couple of samples show the techniques covered in the first weekend - lots of added texture from applied surfaces.

And the sample below shows what we will cover this weekend - lots of textural stitch like whip stitch and cable stitch (my favourite) and stitching over holes!

Just in case you think I've abandoned the plastic bags... no... there is progress... but it is very slow which is a bit worrying with assessment day just over two weeks away.

Today is an exciting day in our house because it is local election day! Much as I have strong beliefs about exercising ones right to vote that is not the reason for the excitment. We're all rather proud of Sam (son no. 2) who is standing on behalf of the Green Party for the District Council. Sam stood in these elections four years ago when he was only 18 and managed to get a very respectable 20% of the votes... which turned out to be extremely embarassing for all concerned as being under 21 he was not actually old enough to stand. Not sure what would have happened if he'd been voted in! So today, being the grand age of 22 (and almost 23) he has been asked to stand again.

I'm very proud of him because he is willing to stand by his convictions and he cares about the world he lives in. At a time when all we hear is bad press about our younger generation I think it is admirable that he is doing something like this. (He cycles or buses to work every day too!)



  1. Good luck Sam!!! I'd vote for you! There was not even a pale green candidate to vote for here and most of the candidates live way out of the area, which I don't really understand!

    Gorgeous samples Gina - I love the colours and textures you've got there. Have fun this weekend :)

    I really can't wait to see what your carrier bags become!


  2. I can't because I am in a different area, but I would if I could.
    It's an important day here as well, youngest son was able to vote for the first time.
    I hope you are going to model the plastic bags.

  3. I'm very impressed at Sam - especially the tale of him doing so well at 18! We could only choose between Labour and Conservative candidates today - and I'm not very good at voting at the best of times - but I did go and voted for the person I actually know and see "doing things" and being "involved" around the village.

    Loving all those samples too - you really are incredibly clever!

    Lucy x

  4. I'd vote for Sam if I lived there Gina.
    Those textured samples are wonderful and I would love to be in your class at Missenden.

  5. Yay, go Sam! I usually vite green in local elections but we didnlt have any here this time.

    Lovely samples! Can anyone take your classes? Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Oops! I tried to click on "Vote Sam" then, you made such a good pitch Gina! :o) Good luck Sam!

    I love the samples Gina, they are beautiful. Have a great weekend (forgot you are at Missenden). xx

  7. Well done to Sam, let us know how he got on.
    The samples look lovely can't wait to see the pictures from your weekend at Missenden.
    Have a great time.

  8. Waiting to hear how Sam did in the elections!

  9. Good luck with Sam's running. Your samples are fabulous!


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