Friday, 23 May 2008

A Preview

A sneak preview of what went in the post yesterday afternoon. I finally finished the mini quilt for my swap partner Katy. She said she likes red and green so my challenge to myself was to make something in these colours that didn't look too Christmassy... hope you like it Katy.

Oh... just look how those seams line up! I'll never make a quilter - I can't be doing with all that accuracy!

And the second quilt to go in the post was for Lucy - swap organiser extrordinaire! This was all done by hand - the idea being it would be in the style of Janet Bolton. Not sure it was all that successful but hope Lucy likes it!

I did enjoy all the hand stitching.

Last but not least is this corsage... which is finally on its way to you Angela (no blog YET... so no link) Angela ordered a corsage from me to go with a wedding outfit but I rather messed up with the postage in my eagerness to get it to her and it didn't arrive on time... so this is by way of an apology from me. A corsage in Spring colours!

Bank holiday weekend here in the UK so hoping to get some gardening done, although the forecast is for rain. Hope the sun shines where you are and you all have a good weekend!


  1. Oooo oooo oooooooooooooo! It looks so exciting! I really can't wait and I hope the pesky postie doesn't come when I'm out!

    I'm really very excited!


  2. Lucy and Katy are two lucky girls! Your quilts look lovely!

  3. It all looks jolly fabulous to me. I don't know how those quilters do all that 'point - meets - seam' thing either. I'm far too lazy! Your quilts look gorgeous - can't wait to see the real (whole) things.


  4. Like it? I LOVE it!!! Thank you so much.
    That corsage is lovely too, and the sneaky peek of Locket's quilt looks fab.

  5. I was at work this morning when I checked in on your blog and saw the corsage you had made for me. I was so dissapointed to think I was going to have to wait another day or so, but when I got home there it was waiting for me. It is gorgeous I love the colours you chose thankyou very much.
    The quilts you have made look lovely and like Kitty I can't wait to see the full versions.
    Have a good weekend.

  6. Gina your mini quilts look fab - I can't wait to see the one for Lucy Locket as I do love Janet Bolton's work - and the colours and fabrics you have chosen here are great.


  7. gorgeous looking sneak peeks
    i already saw one and its beautiful!!! pretty corsages!

  8. Hello! First of all thank you from Mr.P and me for leaving a lovely comment on the pigeon loft. Secondly- Your quilts are absolutely FAB :D You just can't help grinning at that cat, I was admiring it on Katy's blog and Lucy's quilt is perfect for her.

    Now, I promised myself not to let the favourites list get too long but I just can't resist adding this blog :) I've fallen in love with the plastic bag dress too!


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