Sunday, 25 May 2008

Happy Birthday Sam!

Twenty three years ago today Sam (son no. 2) was born at the Newton Wellesley Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts weighing in at 8lb 10oz!

Actor, playwright, politician and soon to be novelist... Happy Birthday to my very clever, very funny and extremely hairy son! I can't believe how quickly the years have past. (As you can see below he wasn't always this hairy!)

Birthday cake today is a coffee and walnut, courtesy of Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries.. as he says "A Good Old Fashioned Cake"!

Sam's birthday marks the start of a six week run of family celebrations... Stewart's daughter Kirsty is next with her 21st birthday, followed closely by Joe and Stewart, then our wedding anniversary and finally my birthday. You could be seeing lots of cake over the next few weeks!
I know both Lucy and Katy have posted pictures of their mini quilts but as they have both now received them I'll put up pictures too...

Lucy's quilt

Katy's quilt.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend... raining here!


  1. Happy birthday to your Sam! Gosh - 23 .. how on earth did he get to be as old as you? ;-) Hope you all have a lovely day.

    Thos quilts you made are absolutely gorgeous.


  2. Happy birthday to son number 2! And hooray for six-weeks-worth of cake :o)

    Your mini-quilts are lovely, Gina. I've been watching this swap with interest and have enjoyed seeing so many fab quilts pop up all over blogland.

  3. Great choice of cake - hope Sam has a great birthday and I'm looking forward to the FMF celebration cake season!


  4. I LOVE MY QUILT!!!!!

    My, Gina, you must have had your children when you were infant's school ;)
    Happy Birthday to the fabulously hairy Sam - what an amazing beard/hair combo (handsome chap too!)
    6 weeks of cake....yum, my kind of month (and a half)

    And have I mentioned yet that I love my quilt? :D

  5. I saw your quilt over at Lucys site and had to pop over and tell you how amazing it is. I just love the way you have incorporated the children.
    well done

  6. Gorgeous little quilts. Have been thinking about a broader craft swap recently - will have to put thinking cap on.

    Cake looks fab - Sam's clearly a great man as he's not too old for candles (nor am I at 36)


  7. Your quilts are fab!!

    Happy birthday to Sam - and I hope you had a sunny day in the garden to eat the yummy cake. Though I trust you were restrained given the biscuit and muffin fest on Friday ...

  8. Gina you are definitely not old enough to have a son this age! I'm sure he's delighted at the world seeing his baby snaps! lol He's a very handsome young man!
    The mini quilts are beautiful and the handsewing sets them off.

    Looking forward to all the cakes!

  9. Love the pix of Sam - grown up and as a kid! It is such a gift to see our kids grow up beautifully.

    And your mini-quilt. I didn't know you were so Janet Bolton-ish:)

    Thanks for keeping up with me and my Opus studies and visiting my blog.

  10. Happy Birthday. That yummy looking cake has made me hungry.LOL

    Gorgeous mini quilts :)

  11. just wanted to thanks for commenting on my blog - its so nice to get encouragement and meet lots of lovely people - will try and add some pics and keep up with all your lovely blogs


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