Thursday, 8 May 2008

Salad Days

Thank you so much for your wonderful encouraging comments about the plastic bag skirt - it was especially lovely to get comments from "new" people... all VERY much appreciated. I'm still working on the bodice but will put pictures up when it's finished and let you know about my progress in the competition.

It's been a good week so far - not only have I finished that skirt - but I've more reasons to be proud of Sam. Sam graduated two years ago with a degree in theatre arts and with plans to be a writer. It was never going to be an easy career but he has stuck at some pretty boring temp jobs to finance his dream. He wrote his first novel the year he graduated and has put up with a constant stream of rejection slips from publishers and agents over the past two years. But on Tuesday I took him to Ely where he met with Melrose Books, an independent publisher - and they are going to publish his first novel - "Cold Turkey and the Case of the Missing Crime" - a humourous detective spoof. Needless to say we are all very excited and I'll keep you posted!

No photos to show of Sam meeting publishers... so some gratuitous food shots instead (well it's been a while), The wonderful weather we've been having this week in the UK has meant salads for dinner so on Tuesday it was my favourite Greek Salad...

Which comes from this book.
I especially like the addition of fennel rather than cucumber in this version.

And tonight it was a classic Salade Nicoise which came from Delia's How to Cook Book Two.

Eaten with some crusty fresh walnut bread, a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc, looking out on the sun dappled trees in the garden and listening to birdsong and the sound of leather on willow... it doesn't get much better!


  1. Wow! Well done Sam! Great is giving him a chance.
    Lovely foodie shots!

  2. Sorry' I missed a bit.....should read "Great that somebody is giving him a chance". I think blogger ate my words!

  3. Well done Sam! Hope you have huge success and write many more.

  4. Wow - your Sam is a talented lad isn't he??? That is such exciting news about his book - keep us posted on how it all goes won't you?

    Those salads look, um, well, good enough to eat! (even though I can't stand Nigella - too simpery for me!)

    Looking forward to seeing the finished bodice.

    Lucy xxx

  5. Well done Sam. It sounds as if it is going to be a great read, will we be able to buy a signed copy

  6. Congratulations to Sam! Do keep us up to date on progress, please.

  7. Oh wow! Congratulations to Sam - and the rest of you too. How wonderful. I have everything crossed for his writing future.

    And those salads look wonderful. x

  8. Well done Sam!! I hope the book is a huge success and starts a great career.

    Your salads look deeelicious Gina. We've had lots of salad this week.
    Monster surprised me the other day by saying 'Mmmm, that's the yummiest salad ever' - what a strange way for an eight year old boy to behave!?!



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