Wednesday, 28 May 2008

This and That!

Not very much happening craft wise here but lots of this and that... bit of gardening between the showers, clearing my backlog of paperwork, some (but not much) tidying up and housework. I've also been cutting up lots and lots cotton fabric into triangles because on Saturday I'm running this children's workshop in the John Lewis store in Cambridge.

If you live within easy reach of Cambridge and have a child or two... please come and join us!
I've recently added some new links on my favourite blogs - some I've been reading for quite a while but there is a new blogger that I can recommend - Emma, who runs the Art and Craft Fairs in Reach has recently started a blog, Silver Pebble and already has some lovely thoughts and images. Emma makes beautiful silver jewellery and I was a lucky recipient of this very pretty necklace and earrings. Stewart bought it for me from Emma at the Christmas Fair and safely hid it away. Christmas came and went and then about mid January he suddenly remembered he'd bought this as a Christmas pressie for me but couldn't remember where he had hidden it! We'd given it up for lost when several weeks later he remembered his "safe"place (a pencil case!) and I had this lovely late surprise.

Last but not least of my "this and that" is this ATC from Annica. Annica recently put up several cards for a swap and I was lucky enough to receive this - which is lovely! It is made from hand dyed and printed fabric with hand and machine stitch. Thank you Annica.

News of the "plastic bag dress" soon... and there might be something happening for my 150th post which is rapidly approaching... have to think about that one!


  1. Hope everything goes brilliantly on Saturday! I was in JL on Monday and completely forgot to check out the sewing and knitting dept!


  2. Hi Gina,
    I was showing a colleague at work the picture of your plastic bag dress and she was totally amazed by your creativity. I think that you should use it as the picture to represent your blog - it says so much about you and what you are doing now - perhaps more than the rather worried little schoolgirl!

  3. So glad you liked the necklace and earrings and thanks so much for the mention! I love finding those well-hidden presents after the event.


  4. Good luck for the flag-making on Saturday - sounds such good fun. I'm off to check out that Silver Pebble blog now - always good to find new friends and talented folk. x

  5. Hope the bunting making goes well Gina. Looks like lots of fun. Your jewellery set is beautiful, I shall have to look at your friend's blog tomorrow when I am more awake!

  6. We will try to be there on Saturday if we can!

  7. By the way, is Miss Pebble too small at 2 1/2 for your Saturday workshop?

  8. I really wish we were near Cambridge so the little Lockets could come and play! I hope it goes really well! Happy Birthday to Sam by the way - we've been to the Lake District for a few days for Daisy's birthday so I am behind on blog-reading/commenting! I keep getting bloggy friends asking me to send them the quilt you made for me - I've very politely declined!

    Lucy x

  9. The flag making souds like fun.
    Stewart made a great choice with the necklace and earrings.I can understand the buy a pressie hide it until needed can't find it situation. I do it every year. I start my xmas shopping(because I hate doing it when the shops are busy)in January and then come xmas can't find it because I had to hide it from everyone.
    I will now go and check out the Silver Pebble.

  10. What fun!!! I am nearly in Cambridge this weekend, but it's my mum's birthday. Do you think she'd like flag making ? ;)

  11. Hello,

    I love your ATc`s!!!!!
    Beautiful Work!!!!

    Maria Clara


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