Friday, 16 May 2008


I've finally done it - I've got to the end of the week and I've finished everything ready to take into London for Opus assessment day tomorrow. Overall I'm happy with the work - lots of good samples and a bursting sketchbook full of research and ideas. I was pleased with my metal cloth and the cactus sculpture from my last post. But I really do not like my final piece and that is making me feel miserable about the whole module!

I wanted to return to the idea of making a cloth but using pieces of silk organdie with metal fragments from drink cans, to keep it very light and ethereal. I tried a small sample and it stitched easily and worked beautifully. I was especially excited when I curved the piece into a cylinder and it made an interesting sculpture. From this I conceived the idea of making several large cylinders that would hang as a group, ideally as something that could be walked through. So I made the following maquette of three cylinders about one third of the proposed size. Despite the sample they were a nightmare to stitch and I've had a week of shredding and breaking threads... and lots of very naughty and very loud swearing! But I have persevered and now I don't like the darn thing! It doesn't hang properly, the cylinders are not round and there is no way I'm going to get it into London on the train.

So I've resorted to a photograph which makes it look a lot better than it is!

However I am pleased with my dress which now has its bodice. This is going to assessment as a photograph too as I'm not taking this on the train either! I still want to work on this before the fashion show so there will be further updates.

I'm not the only person daft enough to knit/crochet plastic bags. If you follow this link there is a very clever lady making the most amazing coral type forms from crochet... including orange Sainsbury's bags.

Have a lovely weekend : )


  1. You can model the frock in the champagne bar at the Mailmaison. I think the WAGs of Merseyside will never view Christian Dior in the same light again. Or Sainsburys come to that.

    On the subject of fashion especially the Supremes exhibition at the V&A - your cylinders have a real 70s girl group feel - I'm thinking more 3 degrees than Diana Ross - but whilst you may not be in love with them, I can see three gorgeous, bling-bling nightclub singer frocks there. What does everyone else think?

    You'll be fine tomorrow. Trust me, I like sock people...

  2. Your dress is FAB! I'm not saying I'd necessarily wear it (it might go around one leg but that's about all!) but who knew Sainsbury's bags could look so brilliant?

    I like your cylinders too; from the photo they look lovely. I'm sorry you're disappointed in them though :-(

  3. Stop with the "miserable"!! The concept is amazing and your photo certainly looks good. I think you have achieved the light and ethereal look too. If this is just a maquette you would go on to solve these problems that you don't like, wouldn't you?
    The "Sainsbury's" dress looks great. Well done!

  4. Both these pieces are amazing. i love the finished dres and I am sure you are being hard on the sculptures, they look great. Best of luck with the assessment.

  5. That's the most amazing thing I have seen in a very long time!!!!
    When you go to London stop by the skin and bones exhibition at Somerset House, it's about parallels in Architecture and Fashion. I went today, lots of Commes, Yohji, Watanabe, Westwood etc - and some honeycomb items too. Well worth a peek.

  6. Oh, Gina, you have fallen down in the deep hole of self doubt! I have been there so often. I hope you get up again soon, because your piece is very good, and I'm sure you will see that too.

    Do send a picture to Sainsbury - I'm sure they will love as much as the rest of us. Still disappointed that you won't model it yourself, though ;O)

  7. As always, wow, wow, wow and WOW!

    Everything you make is incredible and that dress is just amazing!

    I hope the assessment goes really well.

    Lucy xxx

  8. Well a camera can't change it from something hideous to something beautiful, and those cylinders look lovely. I do know what you mean about feeling disappointed in something though - it's pants isn't it? :-(

    The dress is stunning - I really really hope it wins you a prize.


  9. Wow, stunning. Good luck with your assessment. Jane x

  10. Oh Gina I think we all understand how you feel. You have a brilliant idea, work very hard on it and then, when it's finished there is a small element of doubt which creeps in and takes over.We have all been there at some point. But trust us, all your creations are fantastic. Your cylinders are great they would be wonderful in a nightclub with all the lights twinkling on them. As for the carrier bag creation well, what can one say except, HEY Mr Sainsbury sit up and take notice.

  11. I think your finished pieces look incredible Gina! The finished dress is stunning and I think you should send a photo to Sainsbury's!!

    I hope the assessment goes really well for you xxxxx


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