Friday, 7 December 2007

A Posh Do!

Last night we were very privileged to attend a charity dinner at the beautiful Kings College Cambridge. We had cocktails and canapes in the stunning chapel.... except it was dark windy and wet so it didn't quite look like this!

The wind and rain also explains why my hair looks somewhat windswept in our photograph!

We were then led to the college dining room which was very festive and decorated in green, white and silver and bathed in candle light. We were entertained by Collegium Regale, a group of seven young men who sang Christmas Carols in beautiful harmony. We had a fabulous dinner with posh silver crackers... I got a bottle opener in mine... do you think someone knew...???

This was followed by an auction which was a bit out of our league and then there was a raffle where we actually won this rather smart Harvey Nics hamper...

The box is HUGE however the contents are literally what you can see on the top layer. We had lots of fun trying to carry this bulky box for the ten minute walk back to the car park in the wind... Had we known it was over half empty we would have probably ditched the box. But it did make us laugh! A very special evening and lots of money raised for the Variety Club.

Thank you everyone who left an encouraging comment on my last post... I had convinced myself Brian wouldn't like his picture but I can breath a sigh of relief because he loves it! Now I 've got to start another commission that is due for next weekend! Pictures of that next week. Tomorrow I'm off to Chelmsford to teach a class with some ladies of the Embroiderer's Guild, so I expect there will be lots of photos from that too. Have a good weekend :)


  1. You like very glam there Mrs F and not at all windswept.
    They must have received a tip-off before they dished out the crackers!!
    Good old Harvey Nics - a hamper full of lovely goodies and some very healthy fresh air. I got a great picture of you both chcuking the box and cramming all the goodies into your pockets - made me laugh anyway!!
    Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow,
    love Lesley xx

  2. A lovely photo of you and Stewart, your dress looks great.
    You can't dump a box like that it will hold a lot of thread.
    Enjoy your class ,can't wait to see the results.

  3. Wow! Don't you look beautiful! Lucy x

  4. What a lovely night out despite the windy conditions (if you'll pardon the expression!). You looked great and think of all the stuff you can cram in that big box. Not sure I can cope with pictures of chocolates tho!!!!!!
    Give my love to Chelmsford, I was born there and lived ther from age 4 to 9!

  5. What a wonderful opportunity! It looks as if it was a very posh doo!
    Shame about the weather but you certainly don't look windswept, far from it, you both look very dapper! It's a lovely photo.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog, Ben has been delighted to get so many comments.

  6. You guys look glam - sounds like a good evening! DH went to Clare College & always calls that view of King's a "photo of Clare with some incidental building in the way..."

    Glad to hear Brian liked his picture - always a relief.

  7. What a lovely photo Gina! And you are GORGEOUS! Love the outfit you are wearing, very nice.

    The hamper looks wonderful and it sounds like you and Stuart had a perfect night too.

  8. Cor, very glam - what a lovely dress! We had our work Christmas ball at Kings a few years back, and I remember it being gorgeous but freezing cold. Brrrr. Now we go to Queens which is not quite so posh but at least the heating works ;-)


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